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The Book that Made Your World

The Book that Made Your World How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization

By Vishal Mangalwadi
Published by Thomas Nelson

Average Blogger Rating: 4.05 Stars

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On 9/24 Ebook-mom wrote: The Book that Made Your World -- How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization, by Vishal Mangalwadi is is a good read and a great reference book to have in one's collection. If you are hesitating about reading a book on such a difficult subject, don't. Vishal Mangalwadi is not only a good ... BookSneeze Reviews : The Book that Made Your World

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4 Stars

On 7/24 Books-In-Brief wrote: Review of The Book That Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization By Vishal MangalwadiThomas Nelson, 2011 (464 pp, $22.99, hardcover)   Rating: 3.5/5  In his book, The Book That Made Your World, author Vishal Mangalwadi surveys the Bible’s ... A Survey of the Bible’s Influence on Western Civilization

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3 Stars

On 6/25 Daily Life Notes Blog wrote: ...I do enjoy reading about philosophy and religious texts because I feel that there is always something to learn from them. Mangalwadi raised in India, brings in an interesting perspective on a text that has impacted nearly everyone on earth, the Bible.... Book Review: The Book That Made Your World by V. Mangalwadi

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3 Stars

On 4/15 Manny Mooch wrote: 3 stars: The book was okay in content, but it was long winded and hard to read. His points were so-so, but I enjoyed the Indian perspecive on things. Coming from the India, his perspective was a breath of fresh air compared to just another American perspecive. He comes from a sort of Biblical perspective, ... The Book That Made Your World

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3 Stars

On 2/16 chadwsmith wrote: Beware of dogs. A wolf in sheep's clothing. The apple of my eye.  A broken heart. Skin of my teeth.  The writing on the wall.  The powers that be.So much of our lives is shaped and affected by a single book.  In fact, the few phrases I just gave are a mere "drop in the bucket" of ... Review: "The Book that Made Your World" by Vishal Mangalwadi

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4 Stars

On 1/9 Beth wrote: There has never been as great a book, as controversial or well known a book in all of history as the Bible. This book has shaped world history and our lives in so many ways. It is a symbol to some, a religious text to others. In "The Book that Made Your World," Vishal Magalwandi takes you on the historical ... The Book That Made Your World: A Review

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4 Stars

On 1/3 jonathan everette wrote: If you know me then you know that one thing I say all the time is that the best habit you could ever develop is the habit of reading the Bible on a daily basis. There are so many reason why you should develop this habit, but if you're on the fence then you should read The Book That Made Your World. I ... The Book That Made Your World - a review

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5 Stars

On 12/3 Alex Miller wrote: A number of months ago I finished reading what is one of the single most important books I've read as a Christian, "The Book That Made Your World: How The Bible Created The Soul of Western Civilization," by Vishal Mangalwadi. The title of the book sums up its main purpose and aim. Where many of the ... The Book That Made Your World: A Review

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5 Stars

On 11/16 Ms Maisie wrote: “The book that made your world”, by Vishal Mangalwadi, describes how the bible and its values have shaped the way we see our world today. It is thoughtful, discussing the more profound values in any culture, for example, what characteristics make a “hero”, views on education, views on truth ... Well written and insightful

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4 Stars

On 10/24 tinuviel wrote: In The Book That Made Your World, Vishal Mangalwadi argues that all the hallmark movements and achievements of Western civilization in the last millennium emerged from a worldview based on the Bible. He presents his case by means of a thematic history of ideas interspersed with contrasting tales from ... A Unique History of Western Culture and Ideas

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4 Stars