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What Would Jesus Post?

What Would Jesus Post? Seven Principles Christians Should Follow in Social Media

By Brian D. Wassom
Published by WestBow Press

Average Blogger Rating: 4.2 Stars

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On 12/17 Katy Sauer wrote: I have a love – hate relationship with social media so when I saw this available to review I was really curious though a little nervous. A lot of Christian nonfiction has this tendency to go way over my head. I’m happy to announce that this book didn’t do that at all. Perhaps it’s due to the ... Christian Mini Reviews for Christmas

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4 Stars

On 3/13 shaunlee wrote: Thankfully the book was not as legalistic as the title hinted it could potentially be. The first section of the book provided many practical nuggets of advice that any social media savvy person would probably find useful. However I felt that the author was trying to write more chapters than what would ... Could do with more brevity

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3 Stars

On 1/15 Happy Elf Mom wrote: "You only get one hat online. Make sure it’s one you want to be seen wearing." - Brian D. Wassom What Would Jesus Post is no smarmy oversweet lecture from Gramma about keeping your cleavage tucked in when you take a selfie (which... you should!). If I had to sum it all up, it'd be about thinking ... What Would Jesus Post?

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4 Stars

On 12/27 Heidi Lindsley wrote: Hello again! I'm here today with another book review. I received a copy of  What Would Jesus Post? by Brian D. Wassom from BookLook Bloggers.This book gives seven principles for how Christians should act on social media. These include think before you post, don't try to act like something you're ... What Would Jesus Post? by Brian D. Wassom: Book Review

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4 Stars

On 10/23 Ravenaier wrote: Title: What Would Jesus Post? Seven Principles Christians Should Follow in Social MediaAuthor: Brian D WassomSeries: nonePages: 112Publisher: WestBow PressPublished Date: November 10, 2013ISBN: 978-1-49081-163-5Add to: GoodreadsBuy it: West Bow PressRating: 5 starsSynopsis: Social ... #REVIEW: What Would Jesus Post? By Brian D Wassom

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5 Stars

On 10/12 Trista Wilson wrote: Since the age of social media we as a society have been given huge amounts of power, but do we do good or evil things with that power? I am sure most of you can probably name at least one person you know who is not on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but they are considered a minority I am sure. I also ... Book Look Blogger #Review "What Would Jesus Post?"

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5 Stars

On 8/6 Mwanzo wrote: Proverbs as it relates to posting! While we might excuse the cliché title – this short read could save you significant headache as you engage in social media. Wassom prolifically quotes the proverbs as it relates to our communication via social media. The overarching theme is this: BE WISE! Wassom ... What Would Jesus Post?

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4 Stars

On 5/29 Callie Nicole wrote: Several months ago I shared the story of the time I got off Facebook.  When I decided to give up Facebook those few months, it was because I had become suddenly aware of how social media (particularly Facebook) was affecting me and my relationships in a negative way.  I eventually got back ... What Would Jesus Post? - Review

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5 Stars

On 3/18 Vanessa wrote: Book DescriptionSocial media gives people enormous power to influence others for good or ill. But far too many Christians ignore the opportunities for good and undermine their own reputations through thoughtless words shared online. These seven simple guidelines for exercising biblical wisdom in social ... What Would Jesus Post?

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4 Stars