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Standing Tall

Standing Tall On One Leg

By Kathy Soukup and Joel Soukup
Published by WestBow Press

Average Blogger Rating: 4 Stars

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On 12/31 Tasha's Mom wrote: As Joel Soukup and his mother, Kathy, face a devastating diagnosis for Joel, they learn to lean on each other and find hope where there is often none. Joel, as a young man in high school, goes from a carefree, athletic life to one filled with doctors, hospitals and decisions that completely change his ... Inspirational

Tasha's Mom's Rating:

5 Stars

On 7/7 My Two Cents' Worth wrote: It's one of a parent's worst nightmares...their child being diagnosed with cancer. Joel was an athletic 16 year old in seemingly great health before his diagnosis and the subsequent amputation of his leg. In Standing Tall, Joel's mother, Kathy, tells the story from a mother's point of view, with ... Standing Tall--On One Leg

My Two Cents' Worth's Rating:

3 Stars

On 8/25 Brie wrote: Standing Tall is a story of great courage about Joel Soukup’s journey with Osteosarcoma. Currently, Joel is in remission and enjoying as much of normal life as possible. However, due to the location of this type of cancer, it was necessary for the doctors involved to amputate Joel’s leg at the hip. ... Review: Standing Tall by Joel & Kathy Soukup

Brie's Rating:

4 Stars

On 7/26 germanjuls wrote: Standing Tall is a memoir about Joel Soukup's journey with Osteosarcoma. Because of the location of his cancer, it was necessary for doctors to amputate Joel's cancer at the hip. Even with this drastic measure, his cancer returned in his spine. Currently, Joel is in remission and enjoying a normal ... Standing Tall on One Leg

germanjuls' Rating:

3 Stars

On 12/11 Savannah wrote: Joel Soukup was diagnosed with bone cancer when he was 16 and quickly learned that he was going to lose his leg. Not just his leg, but part of his pelvis as well. A few years later, his cancer came back and he then had to have part of his spine removed. Standing Tall on One Leg is told mostly from Joel’s ... Family's faith stays strong through devastating cancer diagnoses and treatment

Savannah 's Rating:

5 Stars