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Who'll Be in Heaven & Who Won't?

Who'll Be in Heaven & Who Won't?

By Dwight Carlson
Published by WestBow Press

Average Blogger Rating: 3.25 Stars

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On 2/18 James Pate wrote: Dwight L. Carlson is a physician and a psychiatrist. He has written Christian books about emotional healing, including the bestselling Overcoming Hurts & Anger. In Who’ll Be in Heaven and Who Won’t?, Dr. Carlson reflects on perplexing questions about salvation and the afterlife. These questions ... Book Write-Up: Who'll Be in Heaven and Who Won't?

James' Rating:

3 Stars

On 7/20 LifeLoveTruth wrote: This book, available only as an e-book, was written by a layperson who has no training in theology. By training, Dwight Carlson is an Internist, Psychiatrist and Author. This book begins with a forward by Dr. John A. Huffman that tells us what the book will be about and sets the tone for it. Three people, ... Who Will Be In Heaven and Who Won't? By Dwight Carlson

LifeLoveTruth's Rating:

4 Stars

On 9/29 Libby wrote: The title,Who'll Be in Heaven & Won't, clearly suggests it will enlighten you as to who goes to Heaven and who does not, which obviously and clearly eliminates some. But what is the Author saying when he is saying Muslims might be there? If you believe strictly in the Christian only Religion ... Who'll Be in Heaven & Who'll Not

Libby's Rating:

5 Stars

On 2/11 Victor Piedra wrote: The Book: Who'll Be in Heaven and Who Won’t?, written by Dwight Carlson, is another example among many books taking pride offering an answer to the reader, but ending just holding a point of view based on others opinions, personal analysis and a very weak perception of biblical reality . One might ... Who'll Be in Heaven & Who Won't? review

Victor's Rating:

1 Stars