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Who Is God, And What Has He Ever Done For Us?

Who Is God, And What Has He Ever Done For Us? Why I Believe In Yahweh And His Son Jesus Immanuel, The Christ

By David L. Jemison
Published by WestBow Press

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On 1/18 Adventist Homemaker wrote: I finally reached the halfway point of this book but I think I'm going to throw in the towel. I chose Who is God, And What Has He Ever Done For Us? (by David L. Jemison) to read and review because of an ongoing discussion I am having with an atheist. I thought this book might help. From the Amazon description:If ... Who is God? A book review

Adventist Homemaker's Rating:

1 Stars

On 10/18 Penny Lane wrote: I chose to read “Who is God” by David Jemison because I thought it would be a commentary on who God tells us He is. I was very surprised to find this book was about Mr. Jemison’s life story in ministry. He led us through the experiences in life that brought him to preaching. We did see how he felt ... Who is God by David L. Jemison

Penny Lane's Rating:

1 Stars

On 9/24 Frank Olvera (aka The Christian Noob) wrote: Before I start, I must point out that the book was self-published via WestBow Press in 2011 (anywhere from $500 to several thousands) and probably took the author several months to get the money to promote the book (several thousands more). Writing a book’s cheap, but editing and then publishing costs ... “Who is God, And What Has He Done For Me Lately?” by David L Jemison

Frank Olvera (aka The Christian Noob)'s Rating:

4 Stars