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The Soul Reader

The Soul Reader A Novel of Suspense

By Gerard D. Webster
Published by WestBow Press

Average Blogger Rating: 3.9 Stars

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On 12/29 jlynnp79 wrote: Gerard D. Webster’s The Soul Reader tells the story of a man named Ward who has a special ability to see inside of a person’s soul to see their true character and intentions, something that most people cannot do.  His father had the same ability and only a few people knew about it and fewer ... Another Great Book I Want To Share:)

jlynnp79's Rating:

4 Stars

On 11/11 writer from home wrote: The adage “to whom much is given, much is expected” is Ward’s dilemma in the book Soul Reader. What does he do with his gift? And can he do what is expected of him? Troubled by the murder of his father, Ward’s life turns for the worst after he loses the love of his life, gets fired from his ... Book Review: Soul Reader by Gerard D. Webster

writer from home's Rating:

3 Stars

On 6/11 Mattidw wrote: When I decided to read this book I didn't know that is was a sequel. I am sure if I had read the first one before this one that it would have made more sense to me in the beginning. The author did a good job of making the characters come alive to me and I couldn't wait to see how it would end. I was ... The Soul Reader

Mattidw's Rating:

4 Stars

On 3/7 Angie Parrett wrote: The Soul Reader by Gerard D. Webster was the second book in a series. I hadn't read the first one but was able to follow the story easily. It actually made me want to go back and read the first book. The main character, Wade, has the gift of being able to read souls by looking into their eyes. He is ... Book Review: The Soul Reader

Angie 's Rating:

4 Stars

On 2/21 Land of the Living wrote: The Soul Reader by Gerard D. Webster is a “novel of suspense” that focuses on the character of Ward McNulty, a man with the gift of reading souls. McNulty, a former news columnist, becomes involved in opening up a closed crime case for re-investigation. Although he would have left the case closed, ... Disliked the Title and Cover, But Loved the Story

Land of the Living's Rating:

5 Stars

On 2/16 nmhm wrote: Although a sequel to a previously published book, which I haven't read, Gerard D. Webster's The Soul Reader has merits of its own. A soul reader, as it turns out, it someone gifted (or burdened?) with the ability to read somebody else's soul by just looking through his eyes. This book provided enough ... interesting and engaging

nmhm's Rating:

3 Stars

On 2/6 The Phantom Paragrapher wrote: Are you on the search for a Christian thriller to read ? Have you read In-Sight by Gerard Webster ? I recieved The Soul Reader through Booksneeze as it looked like and sounded like an exciting reader . I was a tad disappointed as I struggled to read through it , I did however wonder that if I had read ... The Soul Reader

The Phantom Paragrapher's Rating:

3 Stars

On 1/12 Frank Olvera (aka The Christian Noob) wrote: “The Soul Reader” by Gerard D Webster (2011, ISBN 9781449720513) is an interesting read. The main character (Ward) is a battered man — physically (recovering from an accident that was meant to kill him or, at least, break his character), emotionally (enduring the pain of having the woman he loved ... “The Soul Reader” by Gerard D Webster (book review)

Frank Olvera (aka The Christian Noob)'s Rating:

4 Stars

On 1/11 Stephanie Nickel wrote: This is the first book I read entirely on my new Kobo. Thank you to my family for such a wonderful Christmas gift. I found it difficult to set aside Gerard Webster's The Soul Reader. In fact, I motored through the last seventy pages today because I had to know how it ended - and I won't peek. Action. ... The Soul Reader

Stephanie's Rating:

3 Stars

On 1/3 Mary-Lou wrote: It seems really interesting at first, but then drags a bit. It is a true to life story, about people...innocent people getting mixed up with the drug cartel in Mexico. The story line was a bit predictable although the author has the possibilities of being the next James Patterson novelist. I'll look ... The Soul Reader

Mary-Lou's Rating:

3 Stars