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Rosebud Blooming

Rosebud Blooming Hurting to Healing in His Timing

By Nancy Maggio
Published by WestBow Press

Average Blogger Rating: 3.72 Stars

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On 4/23 Denise Walker wrote: Need some inspiration as you seek to understand life’s struggles, then grab a copy of  “Rosebud Blooming: Hurting to Healing in His Timing”  by Nancy Maggio. In this book, Nancy shares her testimony about her struggles with sin and sickness. She also shares how God saw her ... Rosebud Blooming by Nancy Maggio– Book Review 

Denise's Rating:

4 Stars

On 8/2 Miriam Jacob wrote: Are you lost and lonely? God heals our hurting hearts. Are you a rosebud blooming or becoming? You can bloom right where you stand. Can you hear His gentle voice whispering to you softly? How much God cares for us! We are tiny rosebuds in His Hands. We are bathed in His Light and washed in His Love. God ... ROSEBUD BLOOMING - Hurting to Healing in His Timing by Nancy Maggio

Miriam 's Rating:

5 Stars

On 5/15 Terri Grothe wrote: This is a book that helped my heart so much. I feel like I always want to be helping people, I feel like this book was meant for meEach chapter begins with Nancy Maggio’s own heart-felt poems followed by a vignette from a particular difficult season of her life that tested her faith. She weaves into ... Review of Rosebud blooming

Terri Grothe 's Rating:

5 Stars

On 6/17 Anngladys wrote: Rosebud Blooming A book does not have to be big to be good, and this book has certainly proved that. By sharing a lot about her life in only 73 pages, Nancy takes us through a candid journey of failures and triumphs, and finding healing in Jesus. She speaks openly about the life of sin that she lived ... Rosebud Blooming

Anngladys' Rating:

3 Stars

On 3/21 Jennifer Wilson wrote: Rosebud Blooming: Hurting to Healing in His Timing by Nancy MaggioMy rating: 1 of 5 starsIf I was presented with this book, but it was still in manuscript form, I would say it could have potential. However, as a finished book, it falls far short of what it could have been, and I only finished it because ... Book Review: Rosebud Blooming

Jennifer's Rating:

1 Stars

On 2/23 Stacie D Wyatt wrote: I read Rosebud Blooming, in exchange for honest review from BookSneeze.The book was written by Nancy Maggio and published by WestBow Press. I used Reader for PC to read the book and I admit I did not like the panel format, but I loved the book. The book discusses moving forward, even when life has challenges. ... RoseBud Blooming

Stacie D Wyatt's Rating:

5 Stars

On 1/30 Elizabeth Trull wrote: Rosebud Blooming: Hurting to Healing in His Time by Nancy MaggioLife is full of challenges and difficult times that can test anyone's faith. In this book, Nancy describes the journey she took through her own personal challenges. Nancy tells the story of how she found God after making her way through ... Rosebud Blooming Book Review

Elizabeth's Rating:

2 Stars

On 1/17 Sue wrote: As I read Nancy Maggio's beautifully written book, Rosebud Blooming, it struck me how wholeheartedly she trusts in the Lord to get her through the hurts of life and encourages her readers to do the same. She leads us by example, gently extoling readers to give their struggles to God and receive rest ... Rosebud Blooming

Sue's Rating:

5 Stars

On 7/17 Shelly wrote: This book is very good, nancy discusses and invites us to go with her as she talks about events that help her become the woman that she is now. She uses poetry and accounts that she lived through in order to explains and unveils trials and triumps she has gone through in her life. As a way to show the ... RoseBUD

Shelly's Rating:

4 Stars

On 1/27 Annie Larink wrote: Rosebud Blooming is a great Spiritual Growth book. Nancy Maggio wrote many stories about her struggles she faced through her teen years until just a few years ago. The stories always end with a great description about another 'peddle' being taken off and pasted back onto the 'Rose'. She is also a very ... Doubts into Certainty

Annie Larink's Rating:

5 Stars