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The Voice New Testament: Revised & Updated

The Voice New Testament: Revised & Updated

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Published by Thomas Nelson

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On 5/9 PS Mom Reviews wrote: The product: The Voice New Testament is a new way to read the Bible. This new, innovative New Testament puts the scripture into a story. It reads more like a novel than collections of verses and books. If you or a friend have had a hard time "getting into" reading the Bible, you will ... The Voice New Testament: Revised & Updated

PS Mom Reviews' Rating:

5 Stars

On 5/1 Michael Raburn wrote: The Voice Bible is a new translation that seeks to be very readable - as in reading it out loud - to the point of being formatted as though it were a script. This is an interesting idea, but as much of the Bible was not written as dialogue, the translators had to decide how much to 'massage' their translation ... Interesting adaptation, limited usefulness

Michael's Rating:

2 Stars

On 4/29 Scott Volltrauer wrote: Different translations use different styles of translating the original languages into English. The NASB, ESV and others use a more literal word for word translation. The NRSV, NIV, and others have a more phrase for phrase translation. The NCV, NLT and others are increasingly thought for thought translations. The ... Enjoyable...

Scott's Rating:

4 Stars

On 4/23 mecrooks wrote: The Voice Bible translation is a fresh, so-called dynamic translation of the Scriptures. Ecclesia Bible Society and Thomas Nelson Publishers brought together a team of scholars, pastors, writers, musicians, poets and other artists to revive the language of the Bible to modern day standards. Second important ... Book Review: The Voice: New Testament

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4 Stars

On 4/23 Amanda wrote: A little while ago, I received The Voice New Testament Bible from Thomas Nelson Publishers to review.  This Bible is a whole new translation not based on any other previous translation.   It was translated by Ecclesia Bible Society and included 27 Bible scholars, 51 writers, and 36 others ... The New Voice Bible by Thomas Nelson Publishers

Amanda's Rating:

4 Stars

On 4/14 David Kerr wrote: I received “The Voice New Testament: Revised & Updated” from Thomas Nelson publishers awhile back, but didn’t get a chance to dig into it and see what was going on or what the deal with it was. Recently, I dug into it and saw that it was a pretty straightforward “translation,” although calling ... The Voice New Testament: Revised & Updated

David's Rating:

3 Stars

On 4/13 Bjr4christ wrote: The Voice is a fantastic Bible for public reading and dramatic teaching. Chris Seay and the Ecclesia team have done a fantastic job translating the NT into a readable, and user friendly translation of the Bible that can be understood by people in all generations. The Voice is also incredible for private ... Great Book

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3 Stars

On 4/10 Adam Smith wrote: Before I begin my review, allow me to explain some terminology relevant to Bible translation. The Voice New Testament is written as a "Dynamic Equivalence" translation. "Dynamic equivalence (also known as functional equivalence) attempts to convey the thought expressed in a source text (if necessary, ... Book Review of Ecclesia Bible Society’s “The Voice” Translation of the New Testament (Dynamic Equivalent Translation)

Adam's Rating:

4 Stars

On 4/10 Kelly Buddenhagen wrote: King James, The New King James, New International Version, The Message, New Living Translation.  The bible.  It comes in so many versions but the message is always the same: Jesus Christ has conquered the world!    As a follower of our Lord, being in the Word has no comparison.  There ... The Voice New Testament

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4 Stars

On 4/8 Darkman wrote: All in all, this is a pretty good translation of the bible and with the main focus being the more that people can understand and read it, hopefully, the more will continue to get engaged by the bible. Many will dispute the translation as much as The Message and NIV have been crucified, however, God's ... The Voice New Testament: Revised and Updated. Published by Thomas Nelson.

Darkman's Rating:

4 Stars