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Don't Close Your Eyes

Don't Close Your Eyes A Silly Bedtime Story

By Bob Hostetler
Published by Thomas Nelson

Average Blogger Rating: 4.56 Stars

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On 3/25 Brooke Capper wrote: This book was so cute and funny, I liked all the humor behind it and how it has a little reverse psychology. I thought it was really clever because kids will think it’s really funny telling them no matter what they do DO NOT CLOSE YOUR EYES and at the end even the owl agrees it’s ok to go to sleep ... Love!

Brooke 's Rating:

5 Stars

On 3/17 Cricket Muse wrote: Playfully engaging, the rhyming text teams up with the whimsical illustrations to coerce its audience to NOT fall asleep. That’s right. Instead of the usual drone of encouraging young listeners to gently enter slumber, this book keeps cheerfully reminding its readers to stay awake. The reverse psychology ... Don't Close Your Eyes

Cricket Muse's Rating:

5 Stars

On 3/14 Bookworlder wrote: Bedtime books with a sweet or cute story and adorable, cuddly animals hold such an appeal. Add in a story that is also silly, and this is sure to be a hit, with the reverse psychology potential of the "don't close your eyes" refrain. As the illustrations move through the countryside, the reader encounters ... Fun and Silly Bedtime Read

Bookworlder's Rating:

4 Stars

On 3/13 The Engrafted Word wrote: This is such a fresh and fun book for kids. The whole concept had me smiling from the very start. All parents know the challenge of getting our little ones to sleep sometimes. The silly rhymes and adorable illustrations in this book show the struggle for sleep is real! As we reflect over the day with ... Don't Close Your Eyes -- My Review

The Engrafted Word's Rating:

5 Stars

On 3/10 Kellie Riojas wrote: Do your little ones resist going to sleep? Lull them to sleep with a fun bedtime challenge in Don’t Close Your Eyes!Children have a lot of fun packed into a day, and they don't always want it to end. Award-winning author Bob Hostetler capitalizes on this by challenging little ones to keep their eyes ... Don't Close Your Eyes: A Review

Kellie 's Rating:

5 Stars

On 3/7 Chat With Vera wrote: The artist beautifully renders twilight and deepening shadows of the evening and bedtime in shades of blue that are comforting and appealing instead of the blackness that is often scary to a small child. So a real plus for capturing this so nicely. Then the variety of animals portrayed in familiar bedtime ... Don't Close Your Eyes: A Silly Bedtime Story by Bob Hostetler & published by Thomas Nelson

Chat With Vera's Rating:

5 Stars

On 3/1 Elena Wiggins wrote: Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri★★★☆☆ If you have read any novel by Lahiri before, the plots of these eight stories won't surprise you a bit. Lahiri follows the literary adage "write what you know" to the hilt. But that does not have to be a bad thing if that's what you're prepared for and ... February Books

Elena 's Rating:

5 Stars

On 2/28 Consulting Writer wrote: What a cute picture book. The start of the story notes the sun is setting, the moon is found, but don't close your eyes because "you have much to think about". The scene is a green field with a treehouse on the side and a family of rabbits, with one particularly wide-eyed rabbit that reminds me so much ... LOVED the illustrations in this book!

Consulting Writer's Rating:

5 Stars

On 2/28 Brandi Raae wrote: Don't Close Your Eyes is a 20-page, padded board book perfect for lulling children to sleep after a busy day. Children will encounter forest and farm animals alike on this nighttime adventure. They can follow along and try to stay awake as they listen to soothing, rhyming text and look at engaging, silly ... Don't Close Your Eyes by Bob Hostetler {Book Review}

Brandi Raae's Rating:

5 Stars

On 2/26 Michelle Woods wrote: A fun concept for a children's book along the lines of Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! (Mo Willems, 2003), Don't Close Your Eyes is a padded board book that encourages kids to fall asleep by telling them not to do the inevitable--closing their eyes and going to sleep. Each rhyming quatrain split ... Don't Close Your Eyes: A Silly Bedtime Story by Bob Hostetler, Illustrated by Mark Chambers

Michelle's Rating:

5 Stars