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The Book of Revelation Made Clear

The Book of Revelation Made Clear A Down-to-Earth Guide to Understanding the Most Mysterious Book of the Bible

By Tim LaHaye and Timothy E. Parker
Published by Thomas Nelson

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On 12/22 Callie Nicole wrote: The book of Revelation has always been one of the most interesting books of the Bible to me, ever since I was a child. The imagery is just so colorful, and I love the end when Christ conquers and creates a new Heaven and earth! It never fails to make my heart jump, and reading through Revelations always ... The Book Of Revelation Made Clear

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4 Stars

On 11/18 Drew Koehler wrote: Some, but not many, are truly interested in the book of Revelation enough to actually study it. It is quite a fascinating book and many seem to be confused about it. Sure you will get the plethora of Christians who wildly throw their opinion about what it all means without actually studying for themselves. ... Worth a Read

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4 Stars

On 11/18 Jeff Aspacio wrote: Lately, our household has had some interesting talks and questions about topic end times. This arose after watching a video about the blood moon and its possible connection with things prophesied in the book of Revelation and after the recent showing of the movie Left Behind. Topics about prophecy and ... The Book of Revelation Made Clear Review

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5 Stars

On 11/11 Chovalicious wrote: The last book of the Bible, Revelation, has never been the easiest book to understand. Have you always wanted a better understanding of this complex book? This is a must read. Tim LaHaye and Timothy Parker partner together to make this book of the Bible easier to comprehend. ‘The Book of Revelation ... A Revealing Read!

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5 Stars

On 11/6 Victor Gentile wrote: Revelation is the only book of The Bible that tells us it comes with a blessing for reading it. Yet, most people shy away from reading it because the imagery that it contains seems to be very difficult to understand. Tim LaHaye & Timothy E. Parker give us an easy comprehensive study to teach us that ... Book Review: “The Book of Revelation Made Clear” by Tim LaHaye and Timothy E. Parker

Victor's Rating:

5 Stars

On 11/4 Daintydecker wrote: There are few people that I have met who truly understand the book of Revelation. I am one of those who do not understand it all. I have received a book to review from BookLook Bloggers and am very thankful for it! Tim LaHaye is an author that I have read several books from. Mainly from The Left Behind ... Want to Understand Revelation Better?

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5 Stars

On 11/3 The Well Traveled Day wrote:   Book Review of The Book of Revelation Made Clear  by Tim LaHayewith Timothy E. Parker"A Down to Earth Guide to Understanding the Most Mysterious Book of the Bible."REVIEW BY: L. Bankhead     If you enjoyed the Left Behind series and Tim LaHaye's previous titles, then you are ... The Book of Revelation Made Clear Book Review

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4 Stars

On 11/3 Maan Laxa wrote: The book is clearly well-researched and it is written by authors who have established their credibility to speak about the Bible. However, I think the entire book lacks depth because it doesn't consciously help a person make the right Christian decisions. After all, the Revelation is a very important ... Informative but not suitable for beginners and new Christians

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4 Stars

On 10/29 Stephanie Ward wrote: The book of Revelation in the Bible is usually seen as confusing at best. Some find it scary, others hopeful, and some even think it's just one large analogy instead of actual events. Wherever the reader finds themselves on the spectrum doesn't matter when reading this book. Because I had read other ... The Book of Revelation Made Clear: A Down-To-Earth Guide to Understanding the Most Mysterious Book of the Bible

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5 Stars

On 10/29 leaderature wrote: I used to be frightened about reading the book of Revelation when I was younger. In retrospect, it was an unfounded fear as I had never read it and the only thing I knew about it was hearsay. Fast forward to 2008 when I decided to bite the bullet and read the only book in the bible that had caused me ... BOOK REVIEW: “THE BOOK OF REVELATION MADE CLEAR” BY TIM LA HAYE AND TIMOTHY E. PARKER

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4 Stars