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Constantly Craving

Constantly Craving

By Marilyn Meberg
Published by Thomas Nelson

Average Blogger Rating: 3.58 Stars

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On 7/27 MrsDrPoe wrote: In this book, Meberg addresses several areas where people often crave more- romance, contentment, friendship, time, meaning, etc. She identifies with each situation by telling of her own experiences and suggests how universal these things are. Ultimately she also identifies humanity's cravings for ... Mildly Enjoyed

MrsDrPoe's Rating:

3 Stars

On 7/14 sameo416 wrote: This was an enjoyable read, not at all academic, but full of humour and light illustrations. It is not the usual style of book that I read, but I’m probably not in the midst of the target demographic for readship. Ms Meberg provides us a look at the constant craving of this world, and reframes that ... Constant craving - not KD Lang!

sameo416's Rating:

3 Stars

On 7/11 Patricia Punt wrote: We want more, we need more, we just want what every one has, we long to be happy. Bigger is better, right, after all we deserve to be happy. Right? The big news according to author Marilyn Meberg is that getting more isn't the answer we're looking for. Craving won't make us whole or happy. It will ... Book Review- Constantly Craving

Patricia's Rating:

3 Stars

On 7/9 heathercking wrote: Marilyn Meberg has a background as an English teacher and as a counselor. It shows. This book reads like a psychology/literature class about why we want more out of life. She hosts the discussion like a fun and quirky, but nevertheless scholarly, professor. It's not really a Biblical study on the issue ... Craving More Out of Life

heathercking's Rating:

3 Stars

On 7/7 snyderpartyof5 wrote: We live in a society where variety is abundant and the sky's the limit.  It seems as if everyone I know is going through life with their sights fixed on the next item they will acquire.  Whether it be a new possession or a new relationship, we are a craving-stricken nation.  We aren't ... Constantly Craving by Marilyn Meberg

snyderpartyof5's Rating:

3 Stars

On 6/26 Nel wrote: Ready to find out what you are really craving…"Constantly Craving" by Marilyn Meberg is a thought provoking book discussing "How To Make Sense Of Always Wanting More."As Marilyn points out in the book we have this need to always want more, it is like a craving inside us, something we are born with. ... BOOK REVIEW: Constantly Craving

Nel's Rating:

5 Stars

On 6/21 HisFireFly wrote: I admit that I struggle with always wanting more, more love, more food, more God. The book Constantly Craving How to Make Sense of Always Wanting More by Marilyn Meberg sounded like it had been written just for me. The back cover promises:Counselor and author Marilyn Meberg knows all about cravings. ... Constantly Craving by Marilyn Meberg

HisFireFly's Rating:

2 Stars

On 6/18 Jason Brueckner wrote: Where a collection of reviewers harped on the fact that this book does not focus enough on what the cover leads one to think it to be about (physical food), I think that Mrs. Meberg addresses a serious, serious topic -- holistic discipline. It's no secret that our society loves the discipline of food. ... CONSTANTLY CRAVING - MEBERG

Jason's Rating:

2 Stars

On 6/12 Adriene Terrill wrote: Everyone wants more; people crave for the tangible and the intangible. Not every craving is wrong. Though more often than not, we allow these cravings to rule our lives in ways that can become overwhelming, even destructive, as we spin our wheels in pursuit of that which we will never truly attain. In ... Constantly Creaving

Adriene's Rating:

3 Stars

On 6/11 Archie Isib wrote: The short chapters make this book an easy read that doesn't take much time out of the day. Overall it is inspirational and I would recommend it.I thought this was a well written and very inspiring story written by an exceptional woman that has been gathering up all this information... This book encouraged ... Constantly Craving

Archie Isib's Rating:

4 Stars