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Wild at Heart (Revised and Expanded)

Wild at Heart (Revised and Expanded) Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul

By Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul
Published by Thomas Nelson

Average Blogger Rating: 3.81 Stars

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On 5/31 Bryan McAnally wrote: I chose to re-read this book because many years had passed since I had read it the first time, and when it was re-released, I wanted to see if it had been updated. I had seen the movement that it created among men and the way it resonated with so many men in its aim to connect them with God’s grand ... Review: Wild at Heart, Revised & Updated

Bryan's Rating:

3 Stars

On 4/4 kawooya hannington wrote: As a book reviewer for Thomas Nelson Publishers I recently read Wild at Heart by John Eldredge. This book is a must read for every man...and woman! For men it is a guide to getting their hearts back. For women it is a guide to understanding the men in their lives and how they can help them to become ... WILD AT HEART..WHERE IT ALL STARTS

kawooya 's Rating:

2 Stars

On 12/1 Josh Donegani wrote: The prince slays the dragon, rescues the princess and swoops her off into more fairy tale adventures. According to Eldridge, this captures the deepest cry of a Man’s heart, a soul-level longing for a battle, a beauty and an adventure. Am I am Man? When the question is misanswered by the failure of ... it’s Christianised popular psychology or legitimate application of Gospel Truth?

Josh's Rating:

3 Stars

On 9/30 Jenai Hamilton wrote: Would it be wrong of me to say that “Wild at Heart” is just a male version of “Captivating”? Or maybe it’s “Captivating” that’s a female version of “Wild at Heart”. I liked reading “Captivating”, I think a lot of women would, but all women are not the same and do not have the ... Wild at Heart

Jenai's Rating:

3 Stars

On 9/27 Lobug wrote: Wild at Heart by John EldredgeI just finished this book this morning. It may seem a bit odd that I would read a book that is "for" men, but the subscript on the cover says "discovering the secret of a man's soul". It doesn't say that it's for men only. I got it thinking I'd rather like to know the ... Book Review

Lobug's Rating:

5 Stars

On 8/26 Anne Lawson wrote: Okay, I know. I'm a girl. Wild at Heart is perhaps one of the best-known books for guys. But, it's a good book for women to read to help understand their guys. And, since I'm happily married and have two sons, I decided I'd read through this - the Revised and Expanded Edition of Wild at Heart: Discovering ... Wild at Heart by John Eldredge

Anne's Rating:

4 Stars

On 8/16 Kevin Twombly wrote: Wild at Heart (revised) Book Description: God designed men to be dangerous, says John Eldredge. Simply look at the dreams and desires written in the heart of every boy: To be a hero, to be a warrior, to live a life of adventure and risk. Sadly, most men abandon those dreams and desires—aided by a Christianity ... Wild At Heart (revised)

Kevin's Rating:

4 Stars

On 8/5 Luke Gajary wrote: I first read Wild at Heart about 6 years ago, and it deeply affected my life as a teenager, trying to figure out manhood and what it meant to really be a man of God. This book brought back memories of the first time I read it, in a nicer presentation, and some newer and ... Wild At Heart Review

Luke's Rating:

4 Stars

On 6/30 Dave Stadel wrote: I first read this book about eight years ago. I don’t know that my opinion of it has changed much after my recent re-read. Although praise rains on it from many fronts, it still doesn’t grip me as it seems to for other men. I agree with Eldgredge on many points but found myself losing interest ... Wild at Heart (revised) by John Eldredge

Dave's Rating:

3 Stars

On 5/24 ST_73 wrote: Wild At Heart - Discovering a Man's Soul by John Elthredge - revised and expanded - is a little gem of a book. I wanted to read this book to help naviagte the many longings we men face. Instead what I found was a tool that that helped me view myself from angles completely foreign to my natural way ... Helps Navigate A Mans Heart

ST_73's Rating:

4 Stars