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Rest Assured

Rest Assured A Recovery Plan for Weary Souls

By Vicki Courtney
Published by Thomas Nelson

Average Blogger Rating: 4.54 Stars

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On 5/31 Sandy Kreps wrote: The biggest complaint I hear from women is that they’re tired. They’re exhausted. They’re overwhelmed and not sure how to catch up. Their calendars are overflowing with tasks and commitments, and they’re not sure when they got so busy. Rest Assured: A Recovery Plan for Weary Souls by Vicki Courtney ... Book Review: Rest Assured by Vicki Courtney

Sandy's Rating:

4 Stars

On 5/25 lattegracelaced wrote: Rest. We all need it right? But sadly rest seems to be undervalued in our culture today. I’ve written about this subject before, and when the book ‘Rest Assured’ came across my path, I knew that it was a must read. Rest Assured is written by Vicki Courtney, a speaker to women of all ages and the ... Rest Assured: A Recovery Plan for Weary Souls: A Book Review

lattegracelaced's Rating:

3 Stars

On 5/3 Cate Hoepner wrote: Are you overwhelmed? Does your life look a little harried? Maybe you don't even remember what true rest looks like. I didn't. The book Rest Assured by Vicki Courtney came into my hands at just the right time. Rest Assured addresses a problem that women have: Our lives are full to the brink with activities..but ... Rest Assured

Cate's Rating:

5 Stars

On 4/29 Kay Schrock wrote: Rest Assured is a plan to create room to breathe in our souls again. Ideas for relief from the current hectic lifestyle so many of us are caught up in. I liked how she calls us to quiet the distracting noises of technology and society, in favor of focusing on Jesus. I also like that she included practical ... Rest Assured – A Recovery Plan for Weary Souls, by Vicki Courtney

Kay's Rating:

2 Stars

On 4/26 Gracie Lynn wrote: Where are my weary women? Are any of you reading this review while you're hidden in the bathroom, trying to get just five minutes of peace? Did you see the cover and are intrigued, but the thought of reading a book right now, just isn't feasible? I know I've got some marathon sprinting moms who can relate. ... Rest Assured

Gracie Lynn's Rating:

5 Stars

On 4/11 Susan Schlesman wrote: Vicki Courntey, whose books I read years ago and really liked, has written a new book called Rest Assured to address the issue of out-of-control busyness in our personal and spiritual lives. She doesn’t really say anything I don’t already know, but that’s okay, because balance is a lesson slowly ...

Susan's Rating:

3 Stars

On 3/27 Rachel Newcomb wrote: When was the last time you had rest? True rest that allows you to feel relaxed and ready for your next challenge (or ready to referee the next argument between your children)? Do you feel you are an overworked, over busy, overscheduled, and overwhelmed mom? In Rest Assured: A Recovery Plan for Weary ... Overwhelmed? Secrets to Getting Rest

Rachel's Rating:

5 Stars

On 3/19 Nutty Hiker wrote: I couldn’t wait to read Rest Assured: A Recovery Plan for Weary Souls by Vicki Courtney. Upon reading it, it felt like she wrote this book just for me. I am that person that fills her calendar up; because in my eyes a busy life is a productive and fulfilling life. It means that my life has meaning. The ... Book Review: Rest Assured

Nutty Hiker's Rating:

5 Stars

On 3/13 Callie Nicole wrote: I was looking forward to reading Rest Assured by Vicki Courtney because I know that being too busy is a big problem in our culture, and for me personally.  I did a Bible study with my church last summer about rest and really felt convicted that I needed to cut back and make more time to truly serve ... Rest Assured (A Review)

Callie Nicole's Rating:

3 Stars

On 3/8 Elizabeth wrote: "Rest Assured" is written by Christian author, Vicki Courtney. While this was not the first time I'd heard of this author, it was my first time reading one of her books.This book was written with the goal of encouraging women to slow down, connect, and find true rest for their hearts and spirits. The ... Rest Assured Book Review

Elizabeth's Rating:

4 Stars