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Our Last Great Hope

Our Last Great Hope Awakening the Great Commission

By Ronnie Floyd
Published by Thomas Nelson

Average Blogger Rating: 3.57 Stars

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On 2/15 Kevin Twombly wrote: I need to be honest right up front and let you know that I did not finish reading this book. After muddling through the first half of the book and forcing myself to read as much as I did it just turned into more of a chore than it was worth. I’m disappointed. With all ... Our Last Great Hope

Kevin's Rating:

1 Stars

On 1/16 Leslie wrote: I just finished the book Our Last Great Hope by Ronnie Floyd. I had mixed feelings initially about this book. In fact some of his statements caused me to put it down and examine my own beliefs on evangelism. That in itself is a sign of a good book. It challenges the reader and causes you to evaluate ... Review: Our Last Great Hope by Ronnie Floyd

Leslie's Rating:

4 Stars

On 12/5 Charles Specht wrote: There are some books you pick up for the first time and just hate to have to put it down. But there are also others you put down and hope you never have to pick up again. Our Last Great Hope is a book that fits into both these categories and, as far as I’m concerned, that’s a very good thing. Authored ... BOOK REVIEW: OUR LAST GREAT HOPE

Charles Specht's Rating:

5 Stars

On 11/26 Andy Hinesley wrote: What a great book to encourage modern day Christians to live out the great commission. Our world is in desperate need of us to walk the walk. We live in an increasingly unchristian world that needs us to rise up. We are the Last Great Hope for humanity. We are the only chance left to reach a lost ... our last great hope.

Andy 's Rating:

5 Stars

On 11/21 jane glanzer wrote: I really really enjoyed this book. Sometimes when I start reading these kind of books that present a challenge, that are asking you to accept the call/response; I get a little nervous because they at times seem doom and gloom. This book did not feel that way. It was less about us feeling guilted into ... I really liked it

jane's Rating:

4 Stars

On 11/12 Michelle Gills wrote: In a world filled with feel good Christianity, Our Last Great Hope takes a stand and challenges us to become more than a Sunday christian. We need to get out there and share the truth of Jesus Christ and that is very uncomfortable for the masses. Ronnie Floyd gives us a calling to step out for Jesus ... Our Last Great Hope by Ronnie Floyd (Review)

Michelle's Rating:

3 Stars

On 9/27 Sheena Lingerfelt wrote: I genuinely liked this book! Floyd gives an honest approached to how the gospel isn’t being represented in today’s society. I have nothing against telling people how it is and I applaud Floyd in how he tells it how it is and backs it up with scripture and guidance I have since read many more books ... Our Last Great Hope... for real!

Sheena's Rating:

3 Stars

On 9/1 Sheldon Bungay wrote: Over 233 million Americans (75% of total population) do not have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ! About 38% of the world’s population (approx. 2.6 Billion) have heard the gospel and rejected it! Just over 50% of the world’s population still have no realistic opportunity to hear the gospel ... Church Plants and Tithing NOT the Great Commission

Sheldon's Rating:

2 Stars

On 8/14 mzzterry wrote: "Our Last Great Hope: Awakening the Great Commission" by Dr. Ronnie Floyd It was about a year ago that I received the book "Our Last Great Hope: Awakening the Great Commission" by Dr. Ronnie Floyd" as part of a blogger review program that I participate in. I did not find the book to be interesting, even ... Not So Great

mzzterry's Rating:

1 Stars

On 7/31 Kristine McGuire wrote: Last year, when I received Our Last Great Hope to read and review, I don't know what I was expecting. Something fresh? A new perspective on how to share the gospel? What I got was a book which was kind of dry, and not terribly inspiring. The book is not bad, it's just kind of boring. It's filled with ... Our Last Great Hope

Kristine's Rating:

3 Stars