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Voices of the Faithful, Book 2

Voices of the Faithful, Book 2 Inspiring Stories of Courage from Christians Serving Around the World

By International Mission Board
Published by Thomas Nelson

Average Blogger Rating: 4.33 Stars

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On 3/6 Jamie Habermaas wrote: Voices of the Faithful, Book 2 by Beth Moore and Kim P. Davis is a year-long devotional with a collaboration of short stories from missionaries around the world. Since this book is designed to be read throughout the year, I decided to read several days' devotions at a ... Book Review: Voices of the Faithful, Book 2

Jamie's Rating:

3 Stars

On 2/16 One Bookish Brunette wrote: Voices of the Faithful - Book 2 is a second joint venture by Kim P. Davis and Beth Moore.  The book promises to take the reader on journeys into all areas of the world through short stories told by missionaries around the world and it delivers.  Each day reveals a different story complete ... Tales from Around the Globe

One Bookish Brunette's Rating:

3 Stars

On 1/13 Amanda Taylor wrote: We have enjoyed using the Voices of the Faithful, Book 2, during our homeschool devotional time. The book is a nice step up from illustrated children's devotional books, and my kids have loved learning about missionaries. This book focuses on a different "faithful" story every day, and we have enjoyed ... Lovely daily devotional book for homeschooling!

Amanda's Rating:

4 Stars

On 1/8 ShoutLaughLove wrote: A devotional that strengthens my faith, engages my intellect, and challenges me to seek God and his Word more faithfully is a bit like my Holy Grail. For years I read the Oswald Chamber's classic My Utmost for His Highest, and I haven't found a book since that keeps my attention on a daily basis or ... Voices of the Faithful: Book 2

ShoutLaughLove's Rating:

3 Stars

On 1/6 Susanne Pemberton wrote: This devotional has given me goosebumps as I have read the true and amazing stories of what God is doing all over the world through ordinary people like you and I who have chosen to obey Him and go to other countries and share his gospel!! Voices of the Faithful Book 2 has 366 daily devotions from more ... Great daily devotional!

Susanne's Rating:

5 Stars

On 11/29 Kathy Todd wrote: The stories I enjoyed most centered on specific people whose lives were radically changed by the gospel, but it's hard to develop an inspirational storyline in three or four paragraphs, so most of the entries just generalized about the struggles of the missionaries or the peoples of the particular region ... Informative but not Inspirational

Kathy's Rating:

3 Stars

On 6/3 Sherry Early wrote: When I received a copy of this book of daily devotional stories from <a href="">Thomas Nelson's Book Sneeze Program</a>, I planned to use it to read aloud to the urchins each day about missionaries and their service. I had hoped to form a habit for our family of praying for ... Voices of the Faithful

Sherry's Rating:

4 Stars

On 3/14 asandypath wrote: Voices of the Faithful Book 2 by Kim P. Davis and Beth Moore This book is a visually beautiful compilation of daily devotions by and from missionaries from around the world. The truths shared aren’t for those in full time ministry only and can inspire anyone to live a life of sharing Jesus. ... Voices of the Faithful Book 2

asandypath's Rating:

3 Stars

On 2/26 Ridgemeade wrote: I have struggled about writing a review for the book Voices of the Faithful Book 2 by Kim P. Davis and Beth Moore almost since the moment it arrived in the mail. How do you write a review for a book that is supposed to be read over the course of an entire year? In the end I decided to read some of ... inspiring read

Ridgemeade's Rating:

3 Stars

On 1/19 Cheese1911 wrote: Let me start off by saying, I really like Beth Moore! When I saw her name on the cover of Voices of the Faithful I was excited to read this book. This is a good book. While not all of the writers in here are my favorites, there are a lot of good nuggets throughout. Some of the stories of inspiration ... Voices of the Faithful

Cheese1911's Rating:

4 Stars