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Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain

Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain Uncover the Hidden Potential in Life's Most Common Struggles

By Paul Meier M.D. and David Livingstone Henderson M.D.
Published by Thomas Nelson

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On 6/24 Susan Barclay wrote: The goal of this book is for readers to discover "not only how to endure" life's painful situations, but "how to even embrace them as gifts from God meant to equip [them] for a greater purpose." The authors cover seven "universal struggles", including injustice, rejection, loneliness, loss, discipline ... May Be Helpful

Susan's Rating:

3 Stars

On 12/4 ranrickleman wrote: "I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born," says the Lord. - Isaiah 66:9 NCV... Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain by Dr. Paul Meier and Dr. David Hendersonvis a book I reviewed for the Book Sneeze Reader Club of Thomas Nelson. It has been a long time since I received the book, and ... Ok

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3 Stars

On 10/31 Marilyn Magallanes wrote: This is a great self development book on finding a purpose beyond our pain instead of living forever within it. I have written notes and posted colored tabs on its pages as well as used a highlighter within every chapter of this book. The authors begin with the topic of pain as it relates to injustice ... Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain: Uncover the Hidden Potential in Life's Most Common Strugglesby Paul D. Meier, David Livingstone Henderson

Marilyn's Rating:

4 Stars

On 1/30 Bryon Mondok wrote: By Paul Meier, MD and David L. Henderson, MD Nashville, 2009, Nashville Number of pages: 278This is one of those books that I read too late in life. I wish I read this book when I was, like, twelve. You read this book and feel like it contains the secrets to the Universe. Simple. Profound. And ... Book Review: Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain

Bryon's Rating:

4 Stars

On 12/5 Deborah Cavitt wrote: To tell the truth, I read this book for review over a year ago. Yet, I found the true meaning and purpose of this wonderful book by Dr. Meier and Dr. Henderson this year. Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain helped come to grips of life and living. The authors discuss struggles that we all experience: Injustice, ... Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain

Deborah's Rating:

5 Stars

On 10/17 Denise Beadle wrote: I will be the first to admit that I have been less than diligent about reading this particular book. I received this particular book from BookSneeze well over a year ago, and have just now gotten around to finishing the book. I could give you a litany of excuses, but that is all that they would be ... ... Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain

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3 Stars

On 8/1 alisa wrote: It took me a little while to get into this book, but overall I very much enjoyed it. The book starts with the premise of pain not being an enemy, but a help in our growth. I appreciated the specific "pains" divided into the chapters of injustice, rejection, loneliness, loss, discipline, failure and death. ... Thomas Nelson Review-Finding Purpose Beyond our Pain

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3 Stars

On 5/21 Roye Glass wrote: Do you struggle with finding hope? Having difficulty coming to grips that bad things happen to good people? Maybe you question why bad things happen to innocent people. If so, “Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain” is a good place to start in looking for those answers. This is not just a book on how ... Finding Purpose Beyond our Pain - Paul Meier

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3 Stars

On 4/24 William Spinks wrote: There seem to be seven universal struggles that cause humankind emotional pain. At least this is how it is distilled by Paul Meier, M.D. and David Henderson, M.D., both psychiatrists. I muster no argument with these–being further along than “spring chicken,” I have suffered many of the circumstances ... Bible Teaching May Be Good Medicine, Not Science

William's Rating:

3 Stars

On 4/20 A Balanced Life wrote: This eye opening book by Dr. Paul Meier and Dr. David Henderson allows its readers to understand that their is meaning behind unavoidable pain that we experience during our lifetime. This book used scriptural references and stories of people for all different walks of life to demonstrate how pain should ... Book Sneeze Book Reviews

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4 Stars