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Auschwitz Lullaby

Auschwitz Lullaby A Novel

By Mario Escobar
Published by Thomas Nelson

Average Blogger Rating: 4.52 Stars

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On 1/8 Jen Pen wrote: SUMMARY: Based on a true story, Auschwitz Lullaby follows Helene Hannemann and her family into the concentration camp at Auschwitz. German herself yet separated from her Gypsy husband, Helene and her five children must survive the hallows of the camp- physically, mentally and emotionally. When her background ... Auschwitz Lullaby

Jen Pen's Rating:

4 Stars

On 12/7 Jess Combs wrote: I could summarize my reaction to this story only one way: SOOOOO MANY TEARS!!! Auschwitz Lullaby is such an emotional story! I was an emotional mess the entire time I was reading it! I know that doesn’t sound like a good time to everyone, but I was ready to re-read this one as soon as I finished ... Amazing story! I cried Soo many tears!

Jess' Rating:

5 Stars

On 10/24 Martha Artyomenko wrote: While this story breaks a lot of the rules of what a successful book must have, it truly is an incredible story based on truth, to give us insight into the experiences of people inside the camps. It is successful in its own right because of that! I found it especially heart-wrenching as you see so clearly ... Heartbreaking history...

Martha's Rating:

4 Stars

On 10/22 Blooming with Books wrote: Auschwitz LullabyBy Mario EscobarHelene Hannemann's life was that of an ordinary German woman until the day came that her husband and children were taken because of their Romani (Gypsy) heritage. Not about to allow them to be taken from her Helene insists on accompanying them little realizing just ... Auschwitz Lullaby ~ Review

Blooming with Books' Rating:

5 Stars

On 10/10 Nicole Morgan wrote: Auschwitz Lullaby by Mario Escobar is a fictionalized version of the real life story of Helene Hannemann, a German mother who chose to go to a concentration camp, and ultimately death, with her Romani family.When she was young, Helene, a young German woman, married a man of Romani heritage and had five ... Auschwitz Lullaby by Mario Escobar

Nicole's Rating:

5 Stars

On 10/9 Nirmala Chandrasiri wrote: Auschwitz Lullaby, which is based on a true story, begins one morning in Berlin when Nazis arrive at Helene Hannemann’s home while she is getting ready to leave for work. Helene is a German Aryan nurse married to Johann, a Gypsy. So since the WWII started times have been tough for the Hannemann family. ... AUSCHWITZ LULLABY BY MARIO ESCOBAR

Nirmala's Rating:

2 Stars

On 10/3 cluedn wrote: Book Description:  On an otherwise ordinary morning in 1943, Helene Hannemann is preparing her five children for the day when the German police arrive at her home. Helene’s worst fears come true when the police, under strict orders from the SS, demand that her children and husband, all of Romani ... {Fiction Guild Blog Tour} Auschwitz Lullaby: A Novel by Mario Escobar

cluedn's Rating:

5 Stars

On 9/22 Bookwomanjoan wrote: Escobar has given readers a fictionalized account based on a true story. Helene was a German woman who had married a Gypsy. When the Nazis came for her husband and children in May of 1943, she insisted on going along. She and the children went to Auschwitz while her husband was in another camp nearby.Escobar ... Auschwitz Lullaby by Mario Escobar

Bookwomanjoan's Rating:

4 Stars

On 9/20 amandainpa wrote: This book tells the story of Helen Hannemann, a German woman married to a man of Romani heritage, who goes with her husband and children to Auschwitz by her own choosing and is asked to organize a school and nursery in the camp. Based on a true person in history, this story was full of chilling details ... Auschwitz Lullaby by Mario Escobar Review

amandainpa's Rating:

5 Stars

On 9/7 sexy_muse wrote: The book for review is “Auschwitz Lullaby: A Novel by Mario Escobar. This falls in the genre of WW II and a story based on true events. On any normal day Helene Hannemann is getting her five children ready for school when the German police show up. She is of German decent but her husband’s lineage ... Lullaby

sexy_muse's Rating:

4 Stars