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Fawkes A Novel

By Nadine Brandes
Published by Thomas Nelson

Average Blogger Rating: 3.79 Stars

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On 7/20 tweetybugshouse wrote: amazing historical fantasy with color magic masks. A treat for all who love history with a bit of magic mixed in. A story based on a real person and events that happened in london. Tossed in some masks and a conspiracy plot with a stone killing plauge and you got all you need for a great novel. Fawkes ... color mask magic

tweetybugshouse's Rating:

5 Stars

On 7/20 JC Morrows wrote: I am sad to say, I didn’t even hear the door when the UPS man arrived yesterday, but I am sure everyone in the house heard my shriek of excitement when I opened the box and found this book that I have been waiting for – for what feels like FOREVER! It’s here! It’s here! It’s FINALLY HERE! ... What I’m Reading: Fawkes by Nadine Brandes

JC Morrows' Rating:

3 Stars

On 7/20 Nicole May wrote: Rating: 1 Star - DNF I am so disappointed. I had such high hopes for this book and absolutely love the cover. So when I saw this book being offered up as an arc on Blogging For Books I was so excited. But upon diving in, it sadly didn't grab me at all. I am already in a reading slump and I didn't want ... Fawkes by Nadine Brandes

Nicole May's Rating:

1 Stars

On 7/19 Fiction Aficionado wrote: Reading this story was a venture into the unknown for this historical-fiction lover. I’ve read plenty of stories that played fast and loose with historical facts, but not a book that deliberately sets out to meld historical fact with elements of fantasy. In the case of the former, I’m definitely ... Intriguing mix of history and fantasy

Fiction Aficionado's Rating:

4 Stars

On 7/14 Simply Kelina wrote: I was sent this book from Book Look Bloggers.  My ratings and reviews will be my own personal opinions and are in no way influenced by publishers or authors who may have sent me books to review.  Synopsis:"Thomas Fawkes is turning to stone, and the only cure to the Stone Plague is to join ... Fawkes by Nadine Brandes: New Release Spotlight

Simply Kelina's Rating:

2 Stars

On 7/14 Riv wrote: A copy was provided for an honest review by BookLooks - all opinions are 100% my own. 🗡️ historical fiction + fantasy: I had little to no knowledge of the Gunpowder Plot so I was going into this novel without much background information. With that being said, this book was amazing in delivering ... Amazing

Riv's Rating:

4 Stars

On 7/12 Consulting Writer wrote: "I wasn't ready to turn to stone." Sixteen-year-old Thomas Fawkes, the son of Guy Fawkes, was infected with the plague that turns people into stone. At the start of the story, it's just his eye infected, but how far will it spread and is there a cure? This seemed the worst possible time as his color ... Color Powers and Masks. Brilliant Read!

Consulting Writer's Rating:

5 Stars

On 7/11 StoryGirl wrote: Thomas Fawkes is turning to stone, and the only cure to the Stone Plague is to join his father’s plot to assassinate the king of England.Silent wars leave the most carnage. The wars that are never declared, but are carried out in dark alleys with masks and hidden knives. Wars where color power alters ... Fawkes

StoryGirl's Rating:

4 Stars

On 7/10 evaschon95 wrote: Thomas Fawkes, son of the famous (and soon to be infamous) Guy Fawkes, is turning to stone and there is nothing he can do to stop it. He might be able to control the Stone Plague if his father gave him a colour mask – which allows the wearer to control a specific colour or colours – but Guy Fawkes ... Incredible Faith-Based Historical Fantasy

evaschon95's Rating:

5 Stars

On 7/7 Hanna Lei wrote: Fawkes by Nadine Brandes Thomas Fawkes is turning to stone, and the only cure to the Stone Plague is to join his father's plot to assassinate the king of England. Silent wars leave the most carnage.The wars that are never declared but are carried out in dark alleys with masks and hidden knives. Wars ... Fawkes, Book Review

Hanna 's Rating:

5 Stars