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Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect What the Most Effective People Do Differently

By John C. Maxwell
Published by Thomas Nelson

Average Blogger Rating: 4.03 Stars

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On 3/21 Mara Kim wrote: Connection is the key to all communication. This applies whether it’s personal or business. John Maxwell has taken the communication to the next level by including excerpts of the people that he has come across via the Internet. His book design is represented of that fact. They are all people who sent ... Connection is the Key

Mara's Rating:

4 Stars

On 3/21 Kim Morrow wrote: Every single one of us communicates every day, whether it be in person, on the phone, in a text message, emails, someone reading your blog or maybe even social media. But at the end of that communication has it ever left you feeling as though you never really did connect with that person? In John C. ... Everyone Communicates Few Connect

Kim's Rating:

5 Stars

On 3/21 Kaci Brown wrote: In John C. Maxwell's latest book "Everyone Communicates Few Connect" you see why he is a longtime author---he is great at it! This book focuses on how to not merely just talk to others but to really connect with them and make a difference. It outlines in bullets and story form examples of traits of a ... Everyone Communicates but Few Connect by John C. Maxwell, March 21, 2010

Kaci's Rating:

4 Stars

On 3/21 Steven Hopkins wrote: I requested this book thinking it was going to be something alot more different than it was.  At first glance this book appears to me to be a social media communication book, all the pictures on the front gave me the feel of a Facebook type book and I thought this was going to ...

Steven's Rating:

2 Stars

On 3/20 Book Nerd wrote: For starters, contrary to my initial thought, this is not a textbook on preaching. Does this book help those who preach? You bet. There are a handful of tips within the first three chapters alone that will equip and challenge any preacher to do a better job of connecting. One of the great reminders ... Connecting

Book Nerd's Rating:

4 Stars

On 3/19 Tiffany Malloy wrote: John Maxwell is a man who has written A LOT of books. This book is coming out soon- Everyone Communicates, Few Connect. Have you ever wondered why some people are really effective in their communication and some people just aren't? Maxwell shares some of the wisdom that he has learned over the years ... Book Review of Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

Tiffany's Rating:

3 Stars

On 3/18 Amanda Hayslett wrote: Everyone Communicates, Few Connect by John C. Maxwell is a book about people and communicating. I know what you are thinking... another boring book? Not really- this is full of self-help advice from the author + a lot of interesting advice about how to really connect... and not connecting to the internet ... What I've been reading

Amanda's Rating:

4 Stars

On 3/18 Clicking Her Heels wrote: John C. Maxwell is back with an engaging book, Everyone Communicates Few Connect, that will teach you how to connect with your audience. Whether you have an audience of one, ten or ten thousand, this book gives examples of how to be your best with each. Maxwell share several of his mistakes in hopes ... Everyone Communicates Few Connect by John C. Maxwell

Clicking Her Heels' Rating:

5 Stars

On 3/18 Steven Ruff wrote: How many times have you connected with the person to whom you were listening? Perhaps it was a teacher who made a difficult subject interesting and fun. Maybe it was a conference speaker who provided the motivation you needed to keep going in a less-than-glamorous job. What was it that moved them from ... Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

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4 Stars

On 3/17 David Kludt wrote: John Maxwell is well-known for his speaking and writing on leadership. In his latest book – Everybody Communicates, Few Connect (published by Thomas Nelson, who provided a copy of this book through their Book Sneeze review program) – Maxwell addresses connecting with others in the context ... Everybody Communicates, Few Connect (book review)

David's Rating:

4 Stars