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NKJV, Vines Expository Bible

NKJV, Vines Expository Bible A Guided Journey Through the Scriptures with Pastor Jerry Vines

By Jerry Vines
Published by Thomas Nelson

Average Blogger Rating: 4.82 Stars

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On 4/27 Antonio Daniels wrote: Thomas Nelson’s New King James Version Vine’s Expository Bible: A Guided Journey Through the Scriptures with Pastor Jerry Vines is an excellent comprehensive study bible that provides readers with significant study aids throughout that enable them to gain a greater understanding of the Word of God. ... THOMAS NELSON’S NKJV VINES EXPOSITORY BIBLE BY JERRY VINES: A BRIEF REVIEW

Antonio 's Rating:

5 Stars

On 8/3 theChristianReviewer wrote: I requested an evaluation copy of Thomas Nelson’s New King James Vines Expository Bible through their BookLook Bloggers Program (HarperCollins Publishers) so I could review it. This could be classified as a Study Bible but only in certain aspects. It is not just a text-only, but it doesn’t have the ... Thomas Nelson’s NKJV Vines Expository Bible review – Rating: 9.0

theChristianReviewer's Rating:

5 Stars

On 7/9 Dr. Jeff Krupinski wrote: The NKJV Vines Expository Bible, published by Thomas Nelson, is a Bible that is packed with enough information to increase you faith, guide your walk, and draw you into a closer relationship with God. This Bible features a plethora of features that, if taken advantage of, will bring its readers into ... Bible Review: NKJV Vines Expository Bible

Dr. Jeff's Rating:

5 Stars

On 7/2 Ben wrote: This is not necessarily a study Bible; it is more of a devotional Bible. To be sure, pastors and teachers will find much utility in Vines' trove of insights; however, it should not be a substitute for personal study. Vines' teaching is valuable and presented in a friendly, pastoral manner. As a Baptist ... NKJV Vines Expository Bible

Ben's Rating:

4 Stars

On 6/28 Virginia Garrett wrote: I had the delightful privilege of reviewing another new Bible. This one is Vine’s Expository Bible. I thought it would be similar and have some of the same features as Vine’s Expositiory Dictionary of New/Old Testament words. But it wasn’t anything like that. It was a little disappointing. But ... A Review: Vines Expository Bible

Virginia's Rating:

4 Stars

On 6/25 Dave Marrandette wrote: Another review, another “Study” Bible. Well, not exactly a “Study” Bible. (There’s a reason “Study” is in quotes.) This is not a study Bible in the sense that there are a multitude of informative notes at the bottom of every page. Rather, The Vines Expository Bible is a compilation of ... The Vines Expository Bible

Dave's Rating:

5 Stars

On 6/22 Pairen Farsno wrote: NKVJTHE VINESEXPOSITORYBIBLETHOMAS NELSONA GUIDE JOURNEY THROUGH TheSCRIPTURES withPASTOR JERRY VINESThis was an incredible writing bible and compelling to read with that also come with a passion from Pastor Vines that giving us a knowledge and discovery of his journey through the Bible ... NKJV, Vines Expository Bible

Pairen's Rating:

5 Stars

On 6/13 Taylor Phillips wrote: I recieved a complimentary copy of “The Vines Expository Bible” by Pastor Jerry Vines from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for a review. This review is purely my own opinion and not in any way swayed by outside opinions or sources. I think this would be a great study Bible for someone just starting ... Great for beginning studiers

Taylor's Rating:

5 Stars

On 5/24 Oak Tree Reviews wrote: The Vines Expository Bible: A Guided Journey Through the Scriptures with Pastor Jerry Vines is a New King James Version Bible published by Thomas Nelson. The red cover (underneath the dust jacket) is made of cloth over board. The pages feature black font for the main text and red font for the section ... Insightful and Astute

Oak Tree Reviews' Rating:

5 Stars

On 5/7 Pastor Patrick wrote: The VinesExpository BiblebyJerry VinesA ReviewDr. Vines has compiled a set of readings, helps, sermon outlines, and insights, to create something between a Devotional Bible and a Study Bible. Beyond being a collection of writings, there seems to be little that holds the various comments and articles ... The Vines Expository Bible - A Review

Pastor Patrick's Rating:

3 Stars