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KJV, Journal The Word Bible, Large Print, Hardcover, Black, Red Letter Edition

KJV, Journal The Word Bible, Large Print, Hardcover, Black, Red Letter Edition Reflect, Journal, or Create Art Next to Your Favorite Verses

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Published by Thomas Nelson

Average Blogger Rating: 4.76 Stars

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On 2/4 Mr. Geurs wrote: Journaling Bibles seem to be a hot product right now in the “devotional materials” category. My wife bought me an ESV one for Christmas the year before last. This year I am using one published by Thomas Nelson. It is a hardback, King James Version, with wide margins. As I am reading through it this ... A different way to use a Journaling Bible.

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5 Stars

On 1/7 InkBlotsbyTRD wrote: Journaling Bibles have become very popular in the past year or two (for good reason), and the Journal the Word Bible, KJV (Large Print) is one that will fill several "wants" that I have come across in Bible art & journaling circles. (There are several variations of Journal the Word Bibles - ... Book Review :: Journal the Word Bible, KJV, Large Print

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5 Stars

On 1/4 Snickerdoodle wrote: The KJV Journal the Word Bible (Large Print) is a Bible designed for those who like to write notes in their Bibles.  The text is laid out in one column on each page and next to the column of text is a ruled margin for writing  (or as is also advertised: for creating art - but I don't necessarily ... KJV Journal the Word Bible (Large Print)

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4 Stars

On 12/16 Karen duBarry wrote: Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and maybe even if you are…) if you read any Christian living blogs at all, Bible Journaling is not a new concept for you. I suspect this grew out of the scrapbooking craze (that craft trend has faded a bit in recent years). Some people get really creative with ... KJV Journal the Word Bible

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5 Stars

On 12/8 Meg wrote: Recently I had the opportunity to check out the Journal the Word Bible thanks to BookLook Bloggers. Journaling bibles have become huge in the last few months. My church has been hosting an Illustrating Your Faith connect group for some time now, and now I can actually go check it out! I've been using ... Book Review: Journal the Word

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4 Stars

On 12/8 learningtable wrote: Studying the Word of God is even more meaningful when you have a Bible that you enjoy reading and that you feel a sense of connection to in some way. For me, that means that my Bible must be small and lightweight enough to comfortable pick up with one hand, it must have a nice-looking but sturdy cover, ... Journal the Word

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5 Stars

On 12/7 Laura Hilton wrote: This Bible was provided to me free of charge for my honest review. When I first opened the Bible, my initial impression was, “Wow. This is beautiful.” The cream-colored paper, and actual lined margins on the outside borders of the text just screamed, “Write it down! Whatever you are thinking, ... KJV JOURNALING THE WORD BIBLE

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4 Stars

On 12/7 Mazzou wrote: I love this publication of God's Holy Word! There are so many wonderful aspects to this new copy now available to you.It is large print which I find very useful so my eyes to not tire of reading the word of God; it is a sturdy hardcover which has the unique feature of easily lying flat open on a table ... KJV Journal the Word Bible- Large Print, Hardcover

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5 Stars

On 12/4 Brenda Casto wrote: This Bible is really wonderful! I have been looking for a journaling Bible for quite some time. What I was normally finding was small print and not a lot of space to journal in. Well The KJV Journal the word Bible has plenty of lined space in the margins and the print is easy to read! First of all I ... KJV, Journal The Word Bible, Large Print, Hardcover, Black, Red Letter Edition

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5 Stars

On 12/3 Terri Grothe wrote: I don't know about you but I am very interested in Bible Journalling, I wanted a bible other than the one I use daily that belongs to  my Grandpa but I got this one and I am in love with it. The KJV Journal the Word™ Bible, Large Print allows you to creatively express ... KJV, JOURNAL THE WORD BIBLE, LARGE PRINT, HARDCOVER, BLACK, RED LETTER EDITION- Review

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5 Stars