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The Red Sea Rules

The Red Sea Rules 10 God-Given Strategies for Difficult Times

By Robert J. Morgan
Published by Thomas Nelson

Average Blogger Rating: 4.65 Stars

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On 8/7 harrellsonhood wrote: I am going to blame the busy summer and an always busy toddler on my lack of blog posts, and my lack of time to read!  By the time I have a minute to sit down, unwind, and relax, even the idea of reading a book sounds like work to me.  I do miss it though, and I have a whole stack of books ... Recent Reads

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4 Stars

On 12/2 Shorebirds wrote: I was sent a copy of The Red Sea Rules by Robert J. Morgan from Harper Collins Christian Publishing quite a while ago and I read it.  It's a small book and my little daughter really liked the book's size and color, so she would always pick it up and bring it to me.  I didn't write my review ... Review of The Red Sea Rules

Shorebirds' Rating:

5 Stars

On 9/17 Victor Gentile wrote: What a situation in front of the Israelites is The Red Sea, to the right and left are impassable mountains and the only way out, which is the way they came in, is soon going to be filled with angry Egyptians who want to kill them all. And the best part of everything is that God Himself brought them to ... Book Review: “The Red Sea Rules” by Robert J. Morgan

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5 Stars

On 8/26 ChristianBlogR wrote: I talk about a book by Robert J. Morgan, The Red Sea Rules. It gives 10 points for difficult times, using an example of the Israelites at the Red Sea. This book does use scripture reference and real life examples plus it has quotes. It is a short read. I highlighted many things in my book that stood ... Book Review: The Red Sea Rules

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5 Stars

On 8/15 Derek Allen wrote: The Red Sea rules by Robert J. Morgan is a short book/study (147 pages) on the account found in Exodus 14 where the Israelites and trapped beside the Red Sea. As we walk through the story, the author draws out 10 Rules for Handling Dilemmas or Discouragements: THE RED SEA RULES RULE 1— Realize that ... The Red Sea Rules

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4 Stars

On 8/11 Ashlee Schmidt wrote: Robert Morgan’s “The Red Sea Rules: 10 God-Given Strategies for Difficult Times” is a devotional book that walks the reader through Exodus chapter 14. This is the story of Israel’s rescue from Egypt. After Pharaoh lost his son to the final plague, he finally let the Israelites leave Egypt. However, ... Simple Principles for Trusting God in Trials

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4 Stars

On 7/21 Courtney Clark wrote: The Red Sea Rules by Robert J. Morgan is a quick read that covers “10 God-Given Strategies for Difficult Times”. Using the Scriptural example of Moses and the Israelites at the Red Sea, Robert Morgan outlines these logical points for anyone facing challenges, struggles, problems, and the day to day difficulties of life. Because we... Review: "The Red Sea Rules" by Robert J. Morgan

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4 Stars

On 7/17 Mishael Witty wrote: RED SEA RULES: 10 God-Given Strategies for Difficult Times is a fascinating look at faith. The author, Morgan, takes the reader back to Exodus 14 and 15…the chapters in the Bible that detail the Israelites’ crossing of the Red Sea. Obviously, this is where the title comes from. But the author does ... Friday Free-for-All: Book Review of RED SEA RULES by Robert J. Morgan

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5 Stars

On 7/11 Amy Looby wrote: I requested this book to review because we have dear family friends who are facing a brain tumor in a young child. It's a seemingly hopeless situation, yet they're keeping their eyes on God and choosing to praise Him in the midst of the trial they're facing. We don't know why they're struggling with ... Good reminder of God's goodness

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5 Stars

On 7/10 Benda @ Coffee Tea Books and Me wrote: I was curious about The Red Sea Rules: 10 God-Given Strategies for Difficult Times by Robert J. Morgan, so I agreed to review it.  I've read many books over the years about trials and such with some helpful and others... not so much.   This little volume proved to be very good.The title ... The Red Sea Rules, a review

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5 Stars