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Fly a Little Higher

Fly a Little Higher How God Answered a Mom's Small Prayer in a Big Way

By Laura Sobiech
Published by Thomas Nelson

Average Blogger Rating: 4.88 Stars

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On 9/4 Prayer Unites Us wrote: Don’t try to control your life, but it doesn’t mean don’t plan it. It just simply saying, don’t try to take over the wheel from God, because He is the one design the “car”, and this is for protection purpose. Doesn’t matter what types of car you have, truck, bus, race car, RV….., it ... Fly a little higher by Laura Sobiech

Prayer Unites Us' Rating:

4 Stars

On 8/22 Carol Schroden wrote: I just finished reading Fly a Little Higher by Laura Sobiech. It is the touching story of Zach Sobeich, a teen who wrote the song “Clouds”. This book is written by Zach’s mother. She has a way with words that makes you feel like you are right there sharing their situation. Zach found out ... Fly a LIttle Higher Book Review

Carol's Rating:

5 Stars

On 8/20 Bernie wrote: this book was provided byBookLookBloggers for the purpose of reviewBoy, was this book difficult to get through!  It was not that it was not interesting, in fact, it was written in a very conversational way tone.  Laura immediately drew me in and I felt as if, I was her friend. Even more, ... BOOK REVIEW: Fly a Little Higher

Bernie's Rating:

5 Stars

On 8/13 Lydia McKnight wrote: After I received Fly a Little Higher: How God Answered a Mom's Small Prayer in a Big Way, I was a little apprehensive to read the book. A decent size book about a kids struggle with cancer. Could be really good or it could be a big waste of time. I thought the book was excellent. I wanted to keep reading. I ... My Thoughts on Fly a Little Higher

Lydia's Rating:

5 Stars

On 8/11 homeskoolmom wrote: Oh my word! I laughed, I cried, I felt pain and joy while reading this book. "Fly a Little Higher" by Laura Sobiech is the story of her son Zach. A young man whose life was way too short by worldly standards but who lived his short life with gusto, joy and contentment- even in the midst of terminal ... WOW! A great read! Highly recommend,

homeskoolmom's Rating:

5 Stars

On 8/4 Lisa Watkins wrote: When you agree to review a book about a teenager dying of cancer, you can pretty much assume that you’re going to cry. And cry I did. Be forewarned–Fly a Little Higher is not for the faint of heart. The book is Laura Sobiech’s story of her son’s battle with osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer. ... Book Review: Fly a Little Higher

Lisa 's Rating:

4 Stars

On 7/19 germanjuls wrote: Every now and then, I read a book that makes me feel like I'm actually getting a glimpse into the writer's mind and heart. Fly a Little Higher is one of those books. But to call it merely a book seems so trivial. It's a memoir, a way for a mother to tell the world about her amazing son who wrote a song ... Beautiful, Raw, and Inspiring

germanjuls' Rating:

5 Stars

On 7/17 Abbi wrote:    This Spring I read "Fly a Little Higher" a book about a Minnesotan boy, Zach Sobiech. A young man who got sick with Osteosarcoma which is a pediatric bone cancer. This young man's story though filled with plenty of heart ache is very uplifting as you read about (from his Mother's point of ... Fly a Little Higher {Book Review}

Abbi's Rating:

5 Stars

On 7/1 dadofdivas wrote: This was such a great book, inspiration just wafts off every page. I had heard so much about Zach's life and music in the past, but this heartfelt book brings forth so much more than what I knew in the past. The book is honest and true and definitely a page turner. The book makes you think about your ... Book Review - Fly a Little Higher: How God Answered a Mom's Small Prayer in a Big Way

dadofdivas' Rating:

5 Stars

On 7/1 Kathryn Brown wrote: I love the cover of this book. It’s beautiful. As a Mother, grandmother and great grandmother I can’t imagine. My heart went out to Laura. As a Christian I can see that I fall short of the faith that Laura and her son has. Wow!!!!!! I am dealing with my puppy having cancer and she only has a short ... FLY A LITTLE HIGHER

Kathryn's Rating:

5 Stars