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Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible

Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible The Bible is not a fairy tale. Every great story happened once upon a time.

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Published by Zondervan

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On 6/1 Katy Zitzmann wrote: I love seeing unique takes on storybook Bibles and this one caught my eye. The artist Omar Aranda really captures the stories in a unique way compared to some other storybook Bibles I have seen. The pictures were more along the lines of what I have seen in the Action Bible. I appreciate more lifelike ... Great Pictures

Katy's Rating:

4 Stars

On 5/30 mrandmrsjdanderson wrote: Once Upon A Time: Storybook Bible is an interesting concept of seeking to communicate the stories of the Bible to children. By framing the narratives in the traditional styling of bed time stories and fairy tales, the Bible as a narrative is exposed to young children. The artwork is done very well ... Book Review: Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible

mrandmrsjdanderson's Rating:

3 Stars

On 4/14 Alysa Sawyer wrote: This book is illustrated by Omar Aranda and published by ZonderKids. The book is approximately 8 x 10 inches which is similar to other hardback illustrated children’s books. Comprised of 33 popular Bible stories, there are 18 stories from the Old Testament and 15 stories from the New Testament. Each ... Once Upon A Time Storybook Bible

Alysa's Rating:

4 Stars

On 4/12 ladysown wrote:  This book is gorgeous, filled with lovely images and text that flows easily from the tongue.   Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible is a book filled with bible stories from the Old and New Testaments, biblical references, and points to take home.Book Synopsis:The Once Upon a Time Storybook ... Review: One Upon A Time Storybook Bible

ladysown's Rating:

3 Stars

On 4/7 Wendy wrote: This book is beautifully illustrated. The imagery and design leave you excited to turn every page. The way that the stories are depicted are both culturally familiar to the story’s context, and relative to the bible. The illustrator for this book wields his talent to the benefit of anyone that opens ... Once Upon a Time – Storybook Bible

Wendy's Rating:

3 Stars

On 3/30 Crystal Carder wrote: Growing up, my mama had a nighttime routine with my two sisters and me. She would stand in the hallway and read from a very old, out-dated bible book. That bible book wasn’t intended for young children, but it taught us the stories in the bible that I need to know. Now that I’m grown up, I somehow ... Once Upon A Time Storybook Bible Review

Crystal's Rating:

5 Stars

On 3/27 Andrew Wencl wrote: When I saw the Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible, I was intrigued. Where was Zondervan going with this? My kids love fairy tales, but if there's one thing my wife and I are trying to teach our children, it's that the Bible is NOT a fairy tale.The 33 stories themselves are well-written for keeping my kids' ... Not a good idea to link Bible stories and fairy tales

Andrew's Rating:

3 Stars

On 3/26 Happy Elf Mom wrote: My ten-year-old Woodjie is really enjoying the Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible from Zondervan. It's right at his reading level, which is hard-to-find in terms of Bibles and Bible stories. Bibles themselves do have many harder words and concepts, and while they're not unreadable for my fourth-grader, ... Bedtime Reading for Your Grade-Schooler

Happy Elf Mom's Rating:

4 Stars

On 3/25 ThePalmettoqueen wrote: Disclaimer: I received a book to review. All opinions are my own.The Bible is not a fairy tale, but every great story happened “once upon a time.” The Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible highlights powerful and inspiring stories from the Bible, beautifully illustrated with fantastical artwork by Omar ... Book Review: Once Upon A Time Storybook Bible

ThePalmettoqueen 's Rating:

5 Stars

On 3/23 Vik T. Arch wrote: All the big evertold Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments are included in this book. Beautiful details, breathtaking and colorful pages will lead all to rediscover God’s stories in a new way. Gorgeous way to tell the children about Creation, the Great Flood, a child in the basket…. Reminds ... On My Bookshelf: Once Upon A Time Bible Stories

Vik T. Arch's Rating:

5 Stars