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Mary Get to Know Series

By Nancy I. Sanders
Published by Zondervan

Average Blogger Rating: 4.67 Stars

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On 11/16 Christa Brown wrote: This has been a wonderful resource to use for learning about Mary and the history and culture of Israel. I would highly recommend this book for whoever has the desire to learn more about this woman of courage. I do struggle with finding bible resources. The “Get To Know” series is just the kind ... Get To Know Mary by Nancy I Sanders

Christa's Rating:

5 Stars

On 10/10 Blessedmomfxs wrote: Another great biography for kids, Get to Know Mary by Nancy I. Sanders, didn’t disappoint. Although less is known about Mary than about many other Biblical figures, Nancy Sanders does a great job of painting a picture of who Mary was and what life was like for her. This book talks about the life of ... Another great biography for kids

Blessedmomfxs' Rating:

5 Stars

On 10/7 Janet @ Frugal & Focused wrote: Mary by Nancy I. Sanders is a full-color biography that is part of the Get To Know series from Zondervan/Zonderkidz to help kids better understand the lives of people they learn about in the Bible. The book shows how a young girl growing up in Israel was chosen by God to be the mother of Jesus and ... Get To Know Mary

Janet @ Frugal & Focused's Rating:

5 Stars

On 10/2 Laura Hilton wrote: MARY is the second one of these children’s biographies we’re read in this series. I am using them with my homeschooled daughters. The first one we did was Paul and my girls were excited to learn more about him. The book about Mary they knew most of the things in the book, but they were still excited ... Mary (Get to Know)

Laura's Rating:

5 Stars

On 9/27 Thrift Schooling wrote: Get To Know Mary by Nancy I. Sanders is a full-color biography written for children. This book is just about 100 pages filled with colorful photos, a timeline and maps of the land of the Bible. The way in which this book was written presents the information of this well-known historical, Biblical figure ... Great Homeschool Resource

Thrift Schooling's Rating:

5 Stars

On 9/22 The Traveling Sisterhood wrote: Mary was more than the mother of Jesus.  She was a hero of the bible.  She said "Yes!" to God.  I've found a great new series to use as part of our homeschool curriculum this year.  The second book in the Get to Know Series from Zondervan is a unique biography ... Get to Know Mary... another great kid's biography

The Traveling Sisterhood's Rating:

5 Stars

On 9/22 Heidi Indahl wrote: This book is a part of a series of biographies on heroes of the Bible. Published by Zondervan, Mary by Nancy I Sanders is a well organized and well illustrated book for elementary ages. It has a reading level of 2.1-2.5 and is full of beautiful illustrations, maps, and fun facts about the culture and ... Mary by Nancy I Sanders

Heidi's Rating:

3 Stars

On 9/18 Melissa Williamson wrote: My girls have been raised knowing a lot about the Bible. When Rose, my oldest daughter, was about 15 months old we started having nightly devotions and Bible time with her. This nightly routine has remained in place ever since and the girls make sure to remind us if we forget for a night!Growing up as ... Get to Know Mary: A Book Look Blogger Review

Melissa's Rating:

5 Stars

On 9/18 Kate Motaung wrote: Teach a child to read, and you’ve unlocked a world of knowledge and unlimited possibility. As a homeschooler, I’ve got a soft spot for children’s books, and particularly books that help my kids better understand the Bible. This new book, Get to Know Mary, by Nancy I. Sanders is one such book. It’s ... Get to Know Mary - A Review

Kate's Rating:

4 Stars

On 9/17 Simply Mama wrote: Nancy I. Sanders’ has a great biography series for children called the Get to Know series. I was excited to choose Get to Know Mary as my book to review this month because I knew that my eight year old would really enjoy reading it. This book was much more than I was expecting! It is full of colorful ... Get to Know Mary

Simply Mama's Rating:

5 Stars