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Schools in Crisis

Schools in Crisis They Need Your Help (Whether You Have Kids or Not)

By Nicole Baker Fulgham
Published by Zondervan

Average Blogger Rating: 4.11 Stars

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On 4/30 Natalie wrote: I was in the middle of my first field experience/practicum in a low-income district, with a large Bosnian refugee population: There were literally children in the room who were getting their meals from the school primarly, and I nearly broke down the first time a seven year old told me that up until ... Schools in Crisis {Book Review}

Natalie's Rating:

4 Stars

On 4/23 Lesa Brackbill wrote: I am going to be a first-time parent in August and we’ve already started discussing what to do when our daughter is old enough for school. It only takes a quick glance at the news to see that our public school system is not what it used to be, and it has left many Christian parents wondering what is ... BOOK REVIEW: SCHOOLS IN CRISIS: THEY NEED YOUR HELP

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4 Stars

On 4/19 Jerry Hillyer wrote: Title: Schools in Crisis Author: Nicole Baker Fulgham Publisher: Zondervan Year: 2013 Pages: 90 Barna Group FRAMES on Twitter: @barnaframes FRAMES Be Undivided [WE BELIEVE building strong community means making sure kids and schools thrive. Be|Undivided is churches investing time and effort year-round ... Book Review: Schools in Crisis (Barna FRAME Book)

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4 Stars

On 4/15 Amy Looby wrote: This is a very concise and clearly written compilation of results from the Barna Group's research on public schools. There are easy to read graphics throughout the book. The author is writing from a Christian perspective, yet it encourages readers of all faiths to get involved in the school system. It's ... Quick read, call to action

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4 Stars

On 4/7 Counting My Blessings wrote: This is a book review of the FRAMES book Schools in Crisis: They Need Your Help [Whether You Have Kids or Not] by Nicole Baker Fulgham with RE/FRAME by Kristine Somers and Jeff Martin. The FRAMES series by Barna Group provides information about studies done by Barna Group to help people get involved ... Why Christians Should Help Our Public Schools - A Book Review

Counting My Blessings' Rating:

4 Stars

On 4/2 Karen Wilber wrote: Schools in Crisis is one of a series of "Frames" published by the Barna Group. Each of the Barna Frames provides data-driven information about a particular social issue or trend. The Frames are meant to be an overview, a discussion starter, and possibly a springboard to action for a group of interested ... Book Review: Schools in Crisis by Nicole Baker Fulgham

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5 Stars

On 3/20 Bethany wrote: Book information:Millions of children are not fulfilling their God-given potential in many of our nation’s classrooms. Their potential and purpose is literally being left on the floor of classrooms in many low-income communities. What may God have called them to do? How will a substandard education ... Book: Schools in Crisis

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3 Stars

On 3/9 Serenity Reviews wrote: The vast majority of Americans agree that something must be done to correct the downward spiral of the American public school system. Christians and non-Christians alike are in agreement that changes must be made, but many are unsure if they should be the ones to initiate improvements. Individuals ... Schools in Crisis (Frames by Barna Group) by Nicole Baker Fulgham (Book Review)

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4 Stars

On 2/9 Michael Carter wrote: "Living is a great deal more than simply not dying. It is carrying out a mission, committing oneself to fashion some meaning that will attain eternity."Leonardo Boff      We walked down the hallway side by side, the Principal and me, and a remembrance unsettled me. My mind wandered ... What are you doing here ?

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5 Stars