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Love Takes the Cake

Love Takes the Cake A September Wedding Story

By Betsy St. Amant
Published by Zondervan

Average Blogger Rating: 4.42 Stars

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On 12/4 Heidi Reads... wrote: Charlotte's secret crush on her handsome customer is completely natural, but when he asks her out, she automatically assumes he is a cheater like the man who left her single and pregnant. Will is confused since he thought the attraction was mutual, but because he is ashamed of his past, he has a hard ... Review: Love Takes the Cake by Betsy St. Amant

Heidi Reads...'s Rating:

3 Stars

On 11/7 Flawed But Forgiven wrote: LOVE TAKES THE CAKE by Betsy St. Amant is another cute novella of the Year of Weddings series. Sometimes novellas are just what I need for a quick escape and other times the just whet my appetite for more. Betsy wrote a typical story that was predictable and sweet at the same time. Charlotte Cantrell ... LOVE AND WEDDING CAKES

Flawed But Forgiven's Rating:

4 Stars

On 10/6 Kristie Ingerto wrote: Book Description from the publisher:Meet the people who make it all happen—the planners, the photographers, the musicians who have helped orchestrate the perfect day for countless couples—as they find their own happy endings in the second Year of Weddings novella collection.She’s known for her ... "Love Takes the Cake"

Kristie 's Rating:

5 Stars

On 9/29 Brittany at the Books and Biscuits Blog wrote: In Love Takes the Cake, Charlotte Cantrell has built her bakery from the ground up, as a haven for her broken heart and her young daughter. After giving her heart to the wrong man in college, Charlotte is determined to avoid making the same mistake again. However, she secretly daydreams about a future ... Love Takes the Cake – Betsy St. Amant (4 Stars)

Brittany at the Books and Biscuits Blog's Rating:

4 Stars

On 9/25 Katrina Roets wrote: We all know that I love this series and that nine times out of ten, I simply gush over each one as I read it. Nothing new here then. I loved this one. The story is great. The characters are great. The writing is great and if the publisher doesn't do a third year of these, I'm going to be very sad. These ... Book Review: Love Takes the Cake

Katrina's Rating:

5 Stars

On 9/22 Tima Murrell wrote: Love Takes the CakeA September WeddingBetsy St. AmantCharlotte is known all over the state for her exception baking skills. But she's not as skilled at dealing with relationships, particularly men relationships. So she's at a bit of a loss when a handsome stranger, named Will, begins buying cookies from ... Love Takes the Cake

Tima's Rating:

4 Stars

On 9/19 D.L. Kamstra wrote: Love Takes the Cake was a sweet story. At it's heart, is a story about two people who have pasts that they aren't proud of and leaves them in a situation that makes it difficult for them to acheive happiness. I found the characters relatable and the story well written. This novella contains all the elements ... Year of Weddings Novella Collection: Love Takes the Cake

D.L. Kamstra's Rating:

5 Stars

On 9/12 Karen W wrote: I became an instant fan of Betsy St. Amant after reading her first two books, and I was so excited to see her name on the roster for the ‘Year of Weddings 2’ series. In Love Takes the Cake, we get to see more of her delicious creations and watch a love story unfold at the same time. Charlotte and ... Love Takes the Cake {Betsy St. Amant}

Karen W's Rating:

4 Stars

On 9/9 RachelMarie wrote: I loved this story. I'm a sucker for stories that take place in bakeries to begin with, and this one was the cutest. Charlotte is a single mother, just trying to keep her business afloat. She already made a mistake involving a man, and isn't about to repeat that. But she can't help her attraction to ... Love Takes the Cake by Betsy St. Amant

RachelMarie's Rating:

3 Stars

On 9/5 Hott Books wrote: There is a lot baggage standing at the counter of The Dough Knot. Between the bride that makes bridezillas look tame and the overly laid back groom who thinks it’s natural. The single mom baker, Charlotte Cantrell, has a trust complex. Ever since she was humiliated in her college stadium by being ... Review | Love Takes the Cake

Hott Books' Rating:

5 Stars