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Made for These Times

Made for These Times A Start-Up Guide to Calling, Character, and Work That Matters

By Justin Zoradi
Published by Zondervan

Average Blogger Rating: 4.29 Stars

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On 1/19 Emmy wrote: This book is very practical yet profound. Full of wise insights about how we can find significance in something greater than ourselves. I appreciate the authors vulnerability through the book, his practical tips, and his charge to be who you were made to be with the help and guidance of God who is such ... Made for These Times

Emmy's Rating:

4 Stars

On 11/16 Rachel Dawson wrote: Had an hour between my counseling session and an evening event and was glad I had this one in my bag to read! It’s an inspiring and compelling collection of short and easy to digest chapters about how to find your thing and do it well with what you have and where you are. I found it to be a good blend ... Made for These Times // REVIEW

Rachel's Rating:

4 Stars

On 10/26 WhatsUpSusan wrote: Made For These Times by Justin Zoradi is a book for those who feel called to ignite change and maintain change. One person can start something but you do need people to come along side to help make impact. Justin shares the transparency of the call and sturggle of making change in a struggling world. ... Made For These Times

WhatsUpSusan's Rating:

5 Stars

On 10/18 R. J. Rivett wrote: “As we face the world’s most pressing needs, it’s easy to wish for the heroes of our history. People like Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, and Susan B. Anthony...Yet it is we who are called to these troubling time. Not Winston Churchill or Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass or Mother Teresa. It is us ... Made For These Times by Justin Zoradi: Book Review

R. J. Rivett's Rating:

4 Stars

On 10/2 Via Bella wrote: I was very intrigued to review this book because let's be honest with ourselves that the times that we live in are not the easiest of times. Neither for our nation or for a lot of people personally. A start up guide in those and these kinds of times, seems like the most perfect of thing. But I have a ... Made For These Times

Via Bella's Rating:

3 Stars

On 9/3 Jon Gibson wrote: In the introduction to "Made For These Times," Katelyn Beaty says it well of who Justin Zoradi is and his contribution to society. She writes that Zoradi is, "a living testament to the notion that our lives are not to be hoarded for ourselves, but to be poured out for others to bring life, freedom, and ... Made For These Times - A Book Review

Jon Gibson's Rating:

5 Stars

On 8/27 Amanda Holmes wrote: In fearful, uncertain times, how can we find significance in something greater than ourselves?Award-winning social entrepreneur Justin Zoradi was once haunted by this question as a young person daunted by the world's needs, yet wanting to make a difference. But when some friends from across the world ... Made for These Times

Amanda's Rating:

5 Stars