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Let's All Be Brave

Let's All Be Brave Living Life with Everything You Have

By Annie F. Downs
Published by Zondervan

Average Blogger Rating: 4.24 Stars

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On 8/5 Kristen Peterson wrote: I was really excited about this book by Annie Downs just because of all I had heard about it. I had heard her speak, read her blog and I just could not wait to read this book! Annie’s writing style makes you feel at ease. It is like she is writing letters to all of her personal friends. It is really ... Love this book!

Kristen's Rating:

5 Stars

On 4/1 Chelsey wrote: Annie writes in such a light and humorous way that it doesn't take long to feel like you know her and she's a great friend of yours. Though she writes light, her chapters are still inspiring and encouraging and explore all the areas in our lives where we have opportunity to live courageously. You should ... Good, easy read!

Chelsey's Rating:

3 Stars

On 1/20 RachelMarie wrote: It took me a while of sitting here to figure out how to review this book. I'm still not sure how. See, this isn't my usual type of book. Yet, something about this one spoke to me, drew me in. Annie wrote with open honesty and vulnerability typical of these kinds of books. She shared things from the ... Let's All Be Brave {by Annie F. Downs}

RachelMarie's Rating:

4 Stars

On 12/9 Shey wrote: Brave. Its a word I've heard over and over this year. My fancy friends- the ones who seem to have time to put their thoughts on paper in eloquent ways I only wish for; the ones who assign each new year a word or theme- many have chose "brave" to be their word of 2014. That's what attracted me to Annie ... Book Review: Let's All Be Brave

Shey's Rating:

4 Stars

On 11/27 lorealle wrote: Let's All Be BraveLiving Life with Everything You Haveby Annie F. Downs About the book:Annie Downs admits she's not exactly the bravest girl in the world. She still cries sometimes when she leaves her parents' home in Georgia, she's never jumped out of a plane, and she only rides roller coasters to impress ... Let's All Be Brave {Book Review}

lorealle's Rating:

4 Stars

On 11/5 Jamie Lapeyrolerie wrote: (This is really a 3.5) Let’s start off with a random fun fact. I like jumping out of a planes (I highly recommend it as a way to celebrate any year of birth), am always up for an adventure and even move states away, but I don’t feel so brave in other parts of life. Sometimes it’s the little things ... Let’s All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs | Book Review

Jamie's Rating:

3 Stars

On 11/1 Simply Emmy wrote: In this book, Annie uses personal experiences and biblical stories to offer this memoir-style inspiration on what it is like to be brave. She makes it plain that bravery is born in small moments and everyday decisions. Downs writes in a conversational tone, it feels as though I’m chatting with her ... Be Brave Everyday

Simply Emmy's Rating:

4 Stars

On 10/29 s.rae wrote: I have not read such a powerful, encouraging, or challenging book in quite some time. From chapter one "An Honest Moment", Annie makes you feel like you are having a face to face conversation with someone who loves you. Annie writes in a way that you are encouraged and challenged at the same time as ... Annie F. Downs reminds us that God's plan is simple and hard!

s.rae's Rating:

5 Stars

On 10/29 JoJo's Corner wrote: I absolutely love love loved Let’s All be Brave!!! I feel like Annie was talking directly to me- friend to friend. This book will encourage you to step out in faith and do things you never would do before. This book made me laugh, made me cry, but most of all made me think…it really challenged me. If ... Living Life With Everything You Have

JoJo's Corner's Rating:

5 Stars

On 10/26 Lauren Albrecht wrote: For several reasons, this is a tough book to organize my feelings in an impressive way to present to you. But before I get into that, I'd better give you a short summary so you can track with me. ;)Let's All Be Brave is written in a memoir style, as author Annie Downs shares stories from her life ... Book Review: Let's All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs

Lauren Albrecht's Rating:

4 Stars