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Loveology God. Love. Marriage. Sex. And the Never-Ending Story of Male and Female

By John Mark Comer
Published by Zondervan

Average Blogger Rating: 4.67 Stars

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On 7/30 Mrs. Jenkins wrote: I really enjoyed reading this book. I think that this book is a great resource for people wanting to better their relationships. I think relationships in America are rapidly falling apart and a book like this is a great start to fixing this major problem. I loved the writing style of this book and i ... Love-Ology Book Review

Mrs. Jenkins' Rating:

5 Stars

On 6/8 Wendy wrote: Tony and I have been married for 20 years and through those years we have felt the peaks and valley's that come with marriage. I remember at one point early in our marriage, thinking to myself how easy my parents made marriage seem. What was their secret? Were we doing something wrong?Last month, through ... Loveology: book review

Wendy's Rating:

5 Stars

On 5/14 Tara wrote: It took me way, way too long to read this book. Just wanted to get that out of the way before I actually start talking about the book. ;) Okay, so Love-ology is written by John Mark Comer and it's a book on, well, you probably already guessed it, love. He talks on what a God honoring relationship looks ... Love-ology - book review

Tara's Rating:

4 Stars

On 4/20 Melissa Tumino wrote: Comer does an excellent job digging through scripture to bring the truth on this very important subject. Throughout the whole book he always brings it back to the garden, where the first marriage happened; Adam & Eve. But he doesn’t stop there he weaves in and out of the New & Old Testament. His writing ... Loveology – John Mark Comer

Melissa's Rating:

5 Stars

On 4/19 harrellsonhood wrote: Basically, the idea of Loveology is that marriage is a gift from God…it’s in our nature, but it has been so skewed and distorted by society over the years, we have lost sense of what it was created to be. We really enjoyed that John Mark went back to the roots of marriage and just wrote about what ... Loveology--a book review

harrellsonhood's Rating:

5 Stars

On 4/16 K.L.B wrote: Loveology - God. Love. Marriage. Sex. And the Never-Ending Story of Male and Female By John Mark Comer Let me start off by saying, any book that has a grey cover with bright pink writing, and the words, love, sex, marriage, and God, is going to catch my attention. Not to mention pink font inside, bright ... Insightful, but you should already know this

K.L.B's Rating:

5 Stars

On 4/13 The Get Fit Mom wrote: I recently read Loveology God. Love. Marriage. Sex. And the Never Ending Story of Male and Female by John Mark Comer. Loveology is a great read in an auto-biographical way showcases some intimate moments between John Comer and his wife. Comer breaks down what it takes to have a successful relationship ... Loveology by John Mark Comer- A book review

The Get Fit Mom's Rating:

4 Stars

On 4/5 Josh Aguilar wrote: Love, dating, marriage, sex and what it means to be male and female are all topics on the world stage. Our world, even some Christians, are full of confusion and chaos when it comes to love and what it all entails. With that being said along comes a book, Loveology that we all can benefit from. Loveology ... Excellent Theology of Love

Josh 's Rating:

5 Stars

On 3/28 Ryan Grammatico wrote: With an “autobiographical thread”, John Mark Comer shares about the ins and outs of male/female relationships in marriage and in life. Comer does a really cool job of starting with marriage as the framework and then disassembling the union to see what the foundation should look like to be successful ... Loveology

Ryan's Rating:

4 Stars

On 3/21 Kenneth Campbell wrote: This makes it look like a Rob Bell book, minus the poor theology. He additionally teaches and shares in this book. He allows you to learn from his experiences and from the original language. He explains and shows you a lot of GREEK and HEBREW in this book. If that is your thing then this book is for ... I know there is a lot of Love books out there! But this is a keeper!

Kenneth's Rating:

5 Stars