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Bad Dads of the Bible

Bad Dads of the Bible 8 Mistakes Every Good Dad Can Avoid

By Roland Warren
Published by Zondervan

Average Blogger Rating: 4.29 Stars

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On 6/19 Nikole Hahn wrote: Reminiscent of Liz Curtis Higgs, Bad Girls of the Bible: And What We Can Learn from Them, Bad Dads of the Bible: 8 Mistakes Every Good Dad Can Avoid by Roland C. Warren warns fathers not to mirror the eight mistakes of fathers in the Bible. Roland C. Warren is the founder of Washington D.C.’s National ... From a Daughter's Perspective

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5 Stars

On 4/21 Adam Faughn wrote: Roland C. Warren is the former head of the National Fatherhood Initiative, which makes his insight into fatherhood important to read. This book is meant to be devotional level, but provides some very clear teachings for those who are dads and claim to be followers of God. The book shares the stories ... Good Material, But Weak Usage of the Biblical Text

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3 Stars

On 4/2 Jonathan Esterman wrote: So, when I came across this title, I was more than curious to see what others thought. Warren looks at eight biblical dads and what their mistakes were in fatherhood. There were some that I had expected to see on the list: David, Jacob, Saul, and Eli. However, there were also some surprise fathers: Laban, ... Book Review: "Bad Dads of the Bible" by Roland C. Warren

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4 Stars

On 3/28 Tomi @ 3Boys_OldLady wrote: When I heard that Roland Warren, former president of the National Fatherhood Initiative had penned a book, I was excited. I've seen him on television, read several of his articles in some of my favorite magazines and was sure his book would not disappoint. It didn't. Bad Dads of the Bible is well ... Bad Dads of the Bible

Tomi @ 3Boys_OldLady's Rating:

4 Stars

On 3/24 Cara Nitz wrote: Are you a bad dad? Or mom? Hey, I am not pointing fingers here. I don't think there is a parent out there that feels like a complete rock star when it comes to parenting. The bottom line is - parenting is hard. For all you dads out there struggling with how to be the father God has called you to be, ... For All You Bad Dads...

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5 Stars

On 3/21 Jeff Randleman wrote: One of my greatest desires in life is to be the best dad that I can be. With six kids, that can be a heavy responsibility. Knowing that, I try to find as many excellent resources to help me be a better dad. Roland C. Warren, former President of the National Fatherhood Initiative, has added […]You ... Book Review – Bad Dads Of The Bible by Roland C. Warren

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4 Stars

On 3/18 Meddy wrote: 3.0 out of 5 stars Calling all bad dads, March 18, 2014 By J. Mederich (St. Paul, MN) (REAL NAME) This review is from: Bad Dads of the Bible: 8 Mistakes Every Good Dad Can Avoid (Paperback) How ironic is it that the Bible is full of tales of faith, righteousness, justice, the gift of salvation and ... Calling all bad dads

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3 Stars

On 3/8 Pastor Jim wrote: This book is badly needed in the church. Fatherhood has been one of the most neglected areas in most churches. Warren opens up with some facts that every Pastor needs to know. The importance of Fathers being active in their faith and churches are vital in being good dads. Studies show that Fathers active ... Every Dad should read this

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5 Stars

On 3/3 jemEDM wrote: Bad Dads of the Bible: 8 Mistakes Every Good Dad Can Avoid by Roland Warren is a much needed work in our modern culture.   The family unit instituted by God consists of a man and a woman working in a partnership for the benefit of the children.  Whenever that model is upset, the consequences ... Fatherhood: the Fortune or Fault of Families

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5 Stars

On 3/2 Jason Raines wrote: What is gained from reading a book about bad dads? Sometimes we can learn from the mistakes of others. This book devotes time to eight mistakes every good dad can avoid. The author, Roland C. Warren, knows a thing or two about being a good dad; for over ten years he was the President of the National ... Why You Should Read A Book About Bad Dads

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5 Stars