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Simply Delicious Amish Cooking

Simply Delicious Amish Cooking Recipes and stories from the Amish of Sarasota, Florida

By Sherry Gore
Published by Zondervan

Average Blogger Rating: 4.47 Stars

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On 3/2 Debbie Jean @ Messy Beautiful Fun wrote: If you love Amish fiction novels as much as I do, you will also fall for this cookbook! Full of all the delicious classics I've read about - like Dampf Knepp ( a pudding) and Shoofly pie! I love that the recipes are always simple and use very basic ingredients - no fancy, exotic things Id have to drive ... Delicious Amish Classics To Fill Your Home

Debbie Jean @ Messy Beautiful Fun's Rating:

4 Stars

On 10/30 tweezle wrote: Simply Delicious Amish CookingAuthor: Sherry GorePublisher: ZondervanISBN: 9780310335542Spiral Concealed: 256 pagesBook DescriptionUnbeknownst to many folks outside the Amish Mennonite population in America, Pinecraft, Florida - a village tucked away in the heart of Sarasota - is the vacation paradise ... Simply Delicious Amish Cooking by Sherry Gore

tweezle's Rating:

5 Stars

On 10/14 Tammy Cook wrote: Sherry Gore lives in Pinecraft, an Amish and Mennonite Community in Sarasota, Florida.  When she couldn’t find a local Amish cookbook to give to a friend, she set off on a mission to create one. Simply Delicious Amish Cooking is the second cookbook created as a result of her efforts. The recipes ... Simply Delicious Amish Cooking by Sherry Gore

Tammy Cook's Rating:

4 Stars

On 9/30 Nichole Hinkle wrote: When I was a little girl. My dad would take me every year to our  localfair grounds to a hospital fate. There were rides, games and food. Myfavorite part of the fate was the book nook. It was a huge arena of used booksfor sale and we always came out with arm loads of books to read. This is whyI ... The Book Nook- Simply Delicious Amish Cooking

Nichole's Rating:

3 Stars

On 8/28 Mary Miller wrote: This book is a collection of simple Amish recipes collected from the Amish and mennonite communities in Sarasota Florida. It shares stories along with the recipes but not necessarily connected to one another. The delightlyfully simple recipes are a wonderful addition to any kitchen whether, a novice ... Book Review: Simply Delicious Amish Cooking by sherry Gore

Mary's Rating:

4 Stars

On 8/28 A Simply Enchanted Life wrote: Simply Delicious Amish Cooking: Recipes and Stories from the Amish of Sarasota, Florida by Sherry GoreMy rating: 5 of 5 starsI’ve seen a lot of praise for the author of this cookbook from various Amish-Fiction writers so I was excited to have the chance to pick it up. I held off on writing my review ... A Booksneeze Review of Simply Delicious Amish Cooking: Recipes and Stories from the Amish of Sarasota, Florida

A Simply Enchanted Life's Rating:

5 Stars

On 8/24 The Get Fit Mom wrote: I love anything Amish. The culture. The food. The clothing. I know- weirdo! I have been wanting to review a cookbook and found Simply Delicious Amish Cooking to cover both my desires to learn more about the Amish culture and to find more recipes to share. Simply Delicious Amish Cooking is different ... Simple, Yet Delicious! Just as the title says!

The Get Fit Mom's Rating:

5 Stars

On 8/20 Rachel Potter wrote: I have a new cookbook to share with you today: Simply Delicious Amish Cooking. What a fun book! It is compiled by a group of Amish who live in Sarasota, Florida, and is full of stories, vignettes, and most importantly--recipes! My piano students are giving a recital tonight, so I gave a couple of recipes ... Great book-but Kindle edition is difficult to navigate

Rachel Potter's Rating:

4 Stars

On 8/12 Jessie wrote: Do these blueberry muffins look good or what? They sure were!! I baked them with a recipe from a new cookbook that I was given to review.Simply Delicious Amish Cooking is a cookbook with wonderful Amish/Mennonite recipes and anecdotes as well as stories of the Pinecraft Amish/Mennonite Community ... Simply Delicious Amish Cooking

Jessie's Rating:

5 Stars