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The Mediterranean Love Plan

The Mediterranean Love Plan 7 Secrets to Lifelong Passion in Marriage

By Stephen and Misty Arterburn with Becky Johnson
Published by Zondervan

Average Blogger Rating: 4.47 Stars

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On 8/28 Heather Lillie wrote: This season of summer and pregnancy has been heavy on a parenting focus. My husband and I were able to take a little get away in early May to recharge as a couple before the busyness of summer and a new Little One joined our family. That was such a treat! We indulged in a classy hotel stay and had so ... Creating a Passionate Marriage for Life- the Mediterranean Way

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5 Stars

On 7/31 readerscozycorner wrote: I really enjoyed reading this book. I liked how the authors broke it down into sections and explained each topic from the perspective of the country they were highlighting. I also liked how after each chapter they had listed tips or things to try to add that particular topic to your marriage. This book ... The Mediterranean Love Plan

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5 Stars

On 7/25 Jill Hart wrote: We all know the Arterburn name from New Life Ministries. Now, he teams up with his life to bring readers 7 "secrets of passion" they learned from Mediterranean cultures. They share each tip and explain how readers can make it applicable in their own lives and marriages. This is a fresh take on marriage ... Review: THE MEDITERRANEAN LOVE PLAN

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4 Stars

On 7/18 Treenz wrote: I really enjoyed this book!  I wasn't sure if it would have something new as I have read a lot of books in my time but I'm happy to report that this book is a real gem. It is full of amazing advice, great ideas and suggestions that are really practical and really interesting information.  I ... Review of 'The Mediterranean Love Plan' by Stephen & Misty Arterburn

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5 Stars

On 7/16 Mindy Koentopp wrote: I often see people so in love when I walk down the street and I smile. What really awes me is couples well into their golden years, still sneaking a kiss or holding hands, and showing genuine affection for each other. I am not married, but hope to be some day. But that doesn't mean that I can't ... Book Review: The Mediterranean Love Plan

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4 Stars

On 7/6 Richard Jones wrote: Who needs more so-called secrets to enhance your marriage? Sometimes I read these books just to see how they repackage the same message found in every other modern love-help book. This couple has experienced the wonders of European love and decided to share it with the rest of us in seven simple "secrets". The ... Love Help Book

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4 Stars

On 5/30 Clifton Ditmore wrote: MY REVIEW: Who doesn't want more joie de vivre, more la dolce vita in their marriage? In this book the Arterburns write about this: the joy of living and the sweet life. Is it attainable? They say, "Yes"! I agree with them. Read this book and you will be on your way to experiencing a truly grande amore ... GRANDE AMORE---A GREAT LOVE

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4 Stars

On 5/22 Bethany Lock wrote: Marriage isn't easy and we all know that it takes some work. But did you know you could have fun also. In The Mediterranean Love Plan by Stephen & Misty Arterburn, they show you 7 secrets to having a wonderful marriage that isn't boring or stale. We have all heard about how relationships have a completely ... The Mediterranean Love Plan by Stephen & Misty Arterburn

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5 Stars

On 5/16 Denise wrote: I was excited to read The Mediterranean Love Plan: 7 Secrets to Lifelong Passion in Marriage by Stephen and Misty Arterburn (with Becky Johnson) because I've always been fascinated with the exotic romantic locations of the Mediterranean: the food, the sights, the passion. This book promises to bring ... The Mediterranean Love Plan

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4 Stars

On 5/16 The Lady Prefers To Save wrote: Please note, this book was a provided review copy provided by Blogging for Books; all opinions are my own. Thank you. The Mediterranean Love Plan: 7 Secrets to Lifelong Passion in Marriage by [Arterburn, Stephen, Arterburn, Misty] Hello again, everyone. Today finds us with a new book review and this ... Book Review: The Mediterranean Love Plan: 7 Secrets to Lifelong Passion in Marriage, by Stephen Arterburn and Misty Arterburn

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5 Stars