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The Seven Money Types

The Seven Money Types Discover How God Wired You To Handle Money

By Tommy Brown
Published by Zondervan

Average Blogger Rating: 4.69 Stars

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On 6/8 Sydney Drinkwater wrote: One of the touchiest subjects in the world…money. Opinions abound on how it should be managed — and they certainly couldn’t be contained in a blog post! But Tommy Brown has done a good job at getting over one of the hurdles in this area. He has taken seven prominent characters of the Bible, all ... Book Review: The Seven Money Types

Sydney's Rating:

4 Stars

On 6/21 sexy_muse wrote: The book for review is “Seven Money Types: Discover How God Wired You To Handle Money” by Tommy Brown. This book falls in the genre of Business and Economics, personal finances and general. How good are you with your money? Do you have enough to pay the bills with some left over to do what you want ... Seven Money Types

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4 Stars

On 6/16 LightsUP North wrote: The book, The Seven Money Types by Tommy Brown is a great book for people to understand why they spend money the way they do and how they can spend money according to their gifting in life. The book starts out with an assessment to see which character of the Bible you and your money patterns relate ... Book Review: The Seven Money Types – Discover How God Wired You to Handle Money by Tommy Brown

LightsUP North's Rating:

4 Stars

On 6/1 Rachel Dawson wrote: This was one of those books I didn't WANT to read... because I know money isn't my strong suit. I struggle to budget, hate managing my finances, and overspend like it's my job. It's bad, and I knew I needed to work on things... so, I got this book. And you guys, it was AWESOME. It wasn't shaming, it ... The Seven Money Types // REVIEW

Rachel's Rating:

5 Stars

On 5/27 Hanna Lei wrote: The Seven Money Types by Tommy Brown Discover How God Wired You to Handle Money About the Book: True financial well-being involves more than getting out of debt and accumulating wealth. It’s about discovering how you’re wired by God, and how that wiring influences the way you think about, feel toward, ... The Seven Money Types, Book Review

Hanna 's Rating:

5 Stars

On 5/15 Jay Mayo wrote: The Seven Money Types by Tommy Brown is a wonderful book for anyone who is interested in discovering how they relate to money from a biblical perspective. I found this book very enlightening and helpful. It definitely gave me a better understand of the way I manage and relate to money and resources. I ... Enlightening!!!

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5 Stars

On 5/11 kratzy wrote: When we say that some people just can't handle money no matter how many courses about financial management they take we may be closer to the truth than we know. This books looks not as providing guidance for handling money and securing your retirement, but rather at how different people have differing ... Great book to help you shape your relationship with money

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5 Stars

On 5/11 srkindred wrote: The Seven Money Types is not a book on how to manage money. Rather, it is a unique approach to understanding how you relate to handling money. This book gives a different perspective on money than any I have ever read. I found it fascinating. It uses Scripture as a baseline and the author does a good ...

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5 Stars

On 5/2 Prairie Sky Book Reviews wrote: Have you ever wondered how you, and someone close to you, can view the concepts of money and finances (spending, saving, sharing, etc.) in such vastly different ways? If so, you are not alone! In fact, to shed brilliant light on this eye-opening concept, pastor and author Tommy Brown has written a ... How Did God Wire Us to Handle Money?

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5 Stars

On 4/28 Nathan Albright wrote: As someone who is no stranger to books that seek to blend the world of business and finance with biblical insight [1], this book struck me as combining two different approaches in a way that was a bit disconcerting. On the one hand, this book struck me as pandering more than a little bit to unbiblical ... Book Review: The Seven Money Types

Nathan's Rating:

4 Stars