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Watershed Moments

Watershed Moments Turning Points that Change the Course of Our Lives

By Gari Meacham
Published by Zondervan

Average Blogger Rating: 4 Stars

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On 4/21 Nicole Ebbesen Rowan wrote: Why did I choose this book: The subtitle of Watershed Moments by Gari Meacham is what caught my eye – “Turning points that change the course of our lives.” I’m personally interested in learning how to be content and attentive in the present and thought this book might help me to that end. ... This book makes you aware of God at work!

Nicole's Rating:

4 Stars

On 1/20 Marla Stanley wrote: You may know Gari Meacham as a writer or speaker. She regularly speaks and teaches at her church home in Houston, TX, Second Baptist Church of Houston. Or, perhaps, you are a New York Yankees fan and heard of her husband, Bobby, a former Yankees shortstop. I did not recognize Gari from either end of ... Overall, a great easy read for those who like to look back and understand key points in life.

Marla Stanley's Rating:

4 Stars

On 1/6 Jenny wrote: Watershed Moments: Turing Points that Change the Course of Our Lives by Gari Meacham is a book with an interesting premise. The author takes a look at seven different types of "watershed moments", or realizations we come to that are so profound that we can never be the same afterwards. Sometimes these ... Book Review: Watershed Moments by Gari Meacham

Jenny's Rating:

4 Stars

On 12/30 Simply Helping Him wrote: This book caught my attention as recently I reached a place where I felt that my life would never be the same, a watershed moment. While reading through this book I found parts that I connected with, but most of the time I felt like I couldn't keep up with all of the ideas tossed throughout each chapter/section. The ... Too Much in One Book

Simply Helping Him's Rating:

2 Stars

On 12/28 Paula Greene wrote: An epiphany; that moment when faith and understanding collide; a personal “holy of holies” where insight flows and new faith beckons; that unexpected moment that moves us to new ways of thinking, relating, discerning, and accepting life’s challenges; that point in time when we sense His presence ... Watershed Moments - Book Review

Paula Greene's Rating:

4 Stars

On 12/13 SimplySherryl wrote: Recently, I was given the book Watershed Moments by Gari Meacham to read and review. It’s not often that a book makes me stop and think, but this one sure did. The premise behind the book is that life isn’t about one long span of time; it’s actually made up of tiny fragments of time which are strung ... One of those stop and think books

SimplySherryl's Rating:

5 Stars

On 11/25 Kezziah June wrote: Watershed moments are defined by the author as being “those turning points that inspire us, challenge us, stop us in our tracks, and change the course of our lives”. The whole book is all about the moments, and the things we can learn as we go through them. There are seven “watersheds” that the ... Absolutely Fantastic Book!

Kezziah June's Rating:

5 Stars